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Hi, I'm Kayla and you're probably wondering where the heck I've been.

Well to make a long story short, I grew out of Monster High. I don't mean like I started to hate it, what I'm saying is that I got older and decided to leave the life of collecting MH dolls behind. Plus, I had other things to focus on like school and what not. The reason why I just update my page now in six years is to keep in archived.

Why am I archiving my page? Monster High was apart of my childhood growing up plus I was a tween back when MH came out so of course I would be obsessed with it. The reason I joined this site is to connect with other fans and collectors who loved MH as I did. I remembered discussing doll lines, characters, and even role playing which was fun. MH holds a special place in my heart as when I was 10. I want to keep this page open just to look back at the memories I had made on this site.

If you wanna reach out to me, I'm mostly active on Tumblr now where I'm in a lot of fandoms now and I basically reblog memes. :) my Tumblr is @lolhahahano btw. 

and FYI : I don't like the new reboot of MH. I think it looks silly and too cartoonish IMO . I'm such an oldie. :P

Toodles for now! 

~ Kayla ;)

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