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Hi everyone... Let's go to the point, i want to make a book , i'll name it When Makena Met The Love, it's the tipical history of the rich girl (Makena) who fall in love with the gardener's son (Anthony) but she's engaged with Mitchell, the context of the history is not original, but the history, have suicide intents, homicides etc.., i need someone approval, plz plz

P.S. if you give me your approval i will give you advances all the week



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Comment by Sandee Witch on August 4, 2011 at 3:28pm
The idea isn't the most original but it all comes down to the content so just give it a lot of thought and develop your writing style/techniques before you get started. I also think you shouldn't really put all of your ideas on here because 1) someone might rip you off and 2) it's nothing to do with Monster High. Also, make sure to do a ton of research on the time period you set it in :)

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