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Twila Pitch: A Monster High Fan Fiction Chapter 2: The Attic Portal

 The attic of the school was big, big enough for me to be myself. I was lucky enough to find some clothes in a chest. I slipped on a yellow skirt and a tee sporting a little chick.  I also found some pink sneaks and pulled my jet black hair into a ponytail.  As I started to explore the attic, something caught my eye. A door. At the end of the room.  I picked up a purple marker and walked to the door. I opened it a bit. A pink portal of some sort inside sucked up some papers. The marker flew out of my hands.  The sucking sound that the portal made  blocked out the moving of cartons and large objects and footsteps behind me. I was already half inside the portal. I struggled to pull myself into the shadows.  I looked at my hand that was already through the portal. I had mint green skin with stitches and golden bracelets. In just a matter of seconds, only my left arm could be seen. Now  my forearm. My hand. 

 "You need some help there? Here. I'll pull ya out." A kind voice said. I searched for the hand, only fingers now. I could see the rest of me inside the portal. The held on and pulled my hand out. 

 "Wait one sec!" I cried.  I took a moment to admire my outfit.  I had light brown hair with a golden tiara. My dress was a uniform with silver and black pants. My golden sandals looked amazing. I fell deeper into the portal.

  "Come on!' Shouted the voice, a little bit meaner this time. Before I let myself be pulled back into the attic and see a stranger/hero, I watched the golden bracelets shimmer one last time.

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