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It was like a gate to heaven was carrying her because no rain or lightning ( maybe a lil bit of it ) was touching her.As soon as the clouds of heaven were in reach,she swirled around repeatedly.She soon dropped as fast as a raindrop but not as fast as lightning.A tower lay in the middle of Creakle Creek Forest.  -_-  She Slowly lay there in the middle of the room, on a pillow an blanket.Her eyes slowly fluttered open.She leaned forward.A person in black ran fast around the room.It was like time was change in.She felt herself go through changes,like period an pimples.Then when she was old, a tear dropped from the roof.She was as normal as 16 again.But the room was different.Vines with dead flowers decorated the walls,some spiders sparkled.She perred out the little circled window.A big fire was there.But it couldnt touch the forest.End of part 2.To be countinued.

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