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Well... i fell in love with one guy named  **** but he was older than me, and he was in other grade, the i moved next to him and every day i look by the window just to see him playing baseball, then i realized  that i was looking like an idiot seeing him all day long.wll then my fiend named ******* tell me that he has 3 girlfriends and they was older than he! i didn't gave up but then he tell me that i don't have any chances with him, that i'm too ugly for him (OMG he did'nt saw any of his girlfriends?) then i tell him that i don't need anything of him or his girlfriends, and i tell him that i hate him, then he delete me of his Facebook and i delete him of my MSN, later we moved of that house and here i am alone, alone, and more alone, .....

bye thanks.

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Comment by Zhinzang lhamo on October 31, 2012 at 10:58am
Do not worry move on this boy had 2 crushes me and the other girl########
She is a jerk!!!

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