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Hey ghouls and mansters thanks for stopping by.
I'm still a newbee at making custom dolls but I think I'm getting there.
So I decided to post this page "showing off" my work in the hopes that I can get some good feedback and maybe some pointers from other custom doll makers.

Feel free to comment but please be aware that it is not just adults that are on this site, so if you feel the need to be nasty please do it elsewhere as it will not be tolerated or published!





This is Dee Dee Gorgan, she is an original character created by myself with the help of my partner's 7yo sister.
Dee Dee is the daughter of Euryale, making her Deuce's cousin.

Cleo base: hair removed, air dry clay snake hair, new face up (used original eyes as base) arm scales, nail polish, glitter added to shoes (originally SS Ghoulia shoes), outfit purchased off Etsy.




"Zeeva Ocean Gaurdian" (work in progess)

Abbey Bominable base: Air dry clay tail, painted shells attached with glue, custom hand made tail and hip fins, hair glued on, new face up (using original eyebrows and eyes as a base)


"Aqua Marine" Finished 

Lagoona Blue base: Air dry clay tail, custom hand made tail fin, glass water bubbles attached to tail fin and hair, custom made pearl headband, pearls glued around waist, new face up, factory paint on hands removed, hand dyed hair.




 (work in progress)

Orthros is a two headed cam torso purchased from Dr Frankendesign using cam limbs, Howleen hands as well as a Howleen and Clawdeen head that has been hand painted. DDG Spectra shoes have also been hand painted however this outfit is just temporary. 
I will be making a new dress for Orthros as well as adding hair and new faces.

Lily Stein

Custom Lily Stein, Frankie's younger sister.
Howleen & Frankie base: Hand painted shoes, custom painted Howleen body and Frankie Stein head, Frankie's bolts added to Lily, re-root done by me using Snow White, Midnight Black, Amethyst nylon and Glow in the dark white. Her hair glows!
Outfit purchased off Ebay but altered by me

Callisto (WIP)

Custom air spirit, she is the daughter of Jupiter the Roman king of God's and ruler of the sky. She is named after one of the planet Jupiter's moons.

SS Ghoulia base: Body painted using enamel spray paint, head using vinyl spray paint. Custom re-root and face up.
Custom Roman style sheer dress permanently attached.
Still need to make her sandals and still undecided on whether I like her face or not.  


Thanks for looking, stay tuned for more updates of current customs as well as new up and coming dolls!

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Comment by Cupid on June 6, 2013 at 3:35pm
Good job I love the mermaids and the other
Comment by Liv on June 4, 2013 at 2:28pm


Comment by Sarah's Doll House on May 28, 2013 at 10:41pm

New doll added

Comment by Sarah's Doll House on May 23, 2013 at 6:56pm

Got a new doll in the works.
Another ghoul is getting a little sister!
Here's a hint her older sister is a vegetarian and this little youngster is following suit preferring tomato juice in stead of the junk their Dad likes. 

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