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May 10th

I'm starting a new chapter in my life, so Papa says I should keep a diary.

Hi! My name is Ripper and I am 15 years old. I'll be 16 very soon, though! Papa gave me an early birthday present since he won't be here for the actual day, and he gave me the best present in the whole universe! An otter! He says that otters hold hands when they are in running water so that they don't get separated from their family and friends, and that even though we are going to be apart for a little while, he would never let me float away. I named my new friend Otto and we will be super best friends. So super that I put a cape on him and he loves it. Mama got me a book..."Claws of Steel: a Young Monsters Guide to a lean, firm, undead body!" She says I will thank her for it some day... I wish she'd gotten me something I could thank her for now.

May 12th

Mama and Papa are going away to Europe so I'm going to be staying with my Uncle and his Fiancé for a little while. I've never been away from home for longer than a night! This is so exciting! Uncle Mirg is the Grim Reaper in our family, and Mama says that I have "the gift," and that someday I'll be a real reaper just like him! She was so shocked when I started showing the signs. I was about 8 years old when I ran to hug papa good bye for work and he passed out! I was so scared, I cried and cried, but Mama knew exactly what to do. She told me I did nothing wrong, and that Papa would be okay and she ran off to call Uncle Mirg... I tried to drag Papa to the couch but he's really heavy. Uncle came over right away and we had a really long talk. I don't remember what it was about since I was still a baby (I'm much older and more mature now) but he told me I should wear gloves from now on if I'm going to be interacting with others, and then him and Mama had a long talk about sending me to Grim Reaper school. Not now though, because I'm too young. Man being young sucks! I wish I was older. I want to go to reaper school NOW! But I'm being enrolled in Monster High in the fall... Papa says it will be good for me to be around others my own age that also have special gifts.

May 14th

Today is the day! I can't wait to spend some time with my Uncle and his family! It's going to be nice to be around another reaper. I love Mama and Papa, but sometimes I feel like they don't understand me. It's almost like they are afraid of me because they know that when I'm older my touch could kill them, and that makes me really sad! I don't want to be a monster, why can't I just be like them!? It's not fair! I just want to be normal! Mama says what I have is a gift but she lies! It's not a gift... it's a curse! Oh shoot, I'm making myself all sad I need to reapply my eyeliner. Today is going to be a good day! I'm all packed, only the essentials.

+ 18 pairs of shoes
+ 15 Mini Skirts
+ 10 pairs of Short Shorts
+ 11 crop tops
+ 5 tank tops
+ all of my make up
+ my hooded coat. It's too hot for a coat so I cut the sleeves off.
+ 2 Tankinis
+ all my accessories.
+ my Fang retainer.
+ 4 sets of PJs & slippers
+ 3 purses.
+ My iCoffin.

This list is getting really long, so I'll stop.
And the most precious Cargo of all! Otto!

I can't wait to see Uncle Mirg again and meet his Fiancé! I bet she's really pretty like Mama. I couldn't sleep at all last night, so I made them some presents. I made Uncle Mirg a stand for his scythe. I'm pretty handy with a glue gun! And I made his Fiancé a glittery bracelet that says "Mrs. Repaer," since I don't know her name... Come to think of it I don't know anything about her. Mama just says "Mirg and his fiancé," but I hope she likes it. And I baked them cookies... they are all lumpy and crooked but they taste okay. I hope they like cookies, because I like cookies.

May 15th

I arrived! It's so warm and pretty here in New Orleans. We pulled up front of a really big house - it's like a mansion! O-M-G!!! I'm going to be staying in mansion! I feel like a princess already! My friends would be so jealous! ...If I had any friends I bet they would be... Mama told me and Papa to stay in the car while she went to the door to go talk to Uncle Mirg... he looked happy to see her until she started talking...and when she turned around to come back to the car to get me I heard Uncle Mirg yell over her shoulder, "Euripides, you can't do this to me!" I don't think Mama told him he was going to be watching me. I knew this was a bad idea! I told her I am old enough to stay by myself! Her and Papa are only going to be gone a month, and they're only going to Europe. What's the worst that could happen? Otto can protect me... But she walked me up to the door and told Uncle Mirg it would be good for me to learn what I am getting into before I go to Reaper School, and now, before I start Monster High would be a great time to do it and that it's a great opportunity for him and me to bond. And that was that... Mama always did have a way of getting things done. Uncle Mirg said it was okay he just needs to have a talk with his Fiancé and not to worry because he can be "very persuasive." ...whatever that means.

May 16th (technically)

It's the middle of the night I should be asleep but it's been such a crazy day and I can't sleep! Uncle Mirg showed me to my room, I get my own room!!! This place has like a bazillion rooms. I wonder what's in them all... Tomorrow's adventure will be to explore all the rooms! But for now I just have to get this down. Uncle Mirg's Fiancé is a man! ahh! I did not see that coming... But Papa said not to be alarmed because that's okay... Some men marry other men, and some women marry other women, and there is nothing wrong with it. But that's not why I'm freaking out, Uncle Mirg still gave him the bracelet I made and I was SO MORTIFIED! I put my hood up for the rest of the evening. But they smiled and laughed good natured about it... So I guess he still likes it... His name is Liam and it's his house. He's pretty cool so far, and he has otters too! I was like YAY because Otto can make some friends!!! I wonder if I'll make any friends this summer... Maybe I will at my new school... My eyelids feel heavy, I should sleep.

May 17th

Today is Liam's Birthday! Uncle Mirg took Liam out for the day and told me I could use this time to get settled and explore my new surroundings. However, he told me to stay out of their bedroom, Liam's writing room and Arick's room. Arick is Liam's friend who kinda lives here too I haven't seen him yet and Uncle says I probably won't see much of him, if I see him at all, but I should still stay out of his room anyways. Liam makes a lot of money like Papa does so every room is huge and so pretty but it's so BEAUTIFUL outside how can I stay in!? I took a map and went down to this pub that my uncle says has the best Jambalaya! I don't know what that is but I bet it's tasty. So, I'm going to get some of that!

May 22nd

I've been here for a week and it has been very fun! Since New Orleans is a tourist hot spot there is so much to do! Uncle and Liam took me around town on a mule pulled carriage and the next day we went on a Haunted House tour! I asked Uncle Mirg if all the stories we're true and he said not all of them, but he does know a few vampires who live in the area who let the tourism depot show off their houses for a chunk of the Liam knows about some shady things that go on in the Bayou and other things that go bump in the night and he doesn't seem fazed by it at all, well, duh he is engaged to the Grim Reaper he shouldn't be bothered I guess...Uncle Mirg has himself quite a catch and they're SO in love!...I wish I could be in love I wonder what it's like...Uncle says it's like the best feeling you can I imagine it would be like being wrapped in warm soft cuddly bread dough all the time.

May 23rd

URG! Uncle Mirg is so unfair! Okay get this...I was going to go out to Cafe Du Monde and just as I was coming down the stairs he stopped me and was all "where do you think you're going in that?" and I was kinda surprised...I always dress like this at home, what's the problem? I just told him I was going to the Cafe and he told me I'm not leaving the house until I put some clothes on. OH-MY-GAWD how can he say that!? I totally had clothes on! I was wearing my checker print mini dress and my spine pumps! Those are clothes! Sweet Charon, he made it sound like I just waltzed out of the house completely naked! He's making such a big deal out of nothing and he's trying to act like he's my boss! He's not my dad and he can't tell me what to do! I told him that and he got mad at me and said that if I want to learn how to dress I should walk down Bourbon street and see what the girls in the windows are dressed as and try NOT to dress like that! How Rude! The girls on Bourbon are street walkers! I told him that he's only complaining about how I dress because he doesn't want people to see how fat I am and when I said that he didn't look mad he just looked really confused and asked who told me I was fat. I told him Mama said I was and he didn't say anything else after that but he gave me a big hug and then sent me to my room for being disrespectful...I'm used to being sent to my room for mouthing off but never sent with dinner.

June 1st A.M

Happy Birthday to me! I am officially 16 years old! Practically an adult! OMG! Uncle Mirg says he really didn't have time to plan a party or anything since Mama didn't tell him when my birthday was but that's okay! Uncle says he's going to take me out to reap my first soul! I'm too young in the eyes of the elders to be reaping anything yet but Uncle says some rules were made to be broken! OMGOMGOMG what should I wear!? Does that kind of thing matter? Does it HAVE to be all black? OMG I hope it's the soul of a cute boy! Wouldn't be great to have a boyfriend in Limbo? Today is going to be the best day ever!

June 1st P.M

Today was the worst day ever! Uncle took me out to reap my first soul and I was so excited! I got all dressed up because you should look your best when you're taking someone's soul to the beyond right? I put some new glittery ribbons on my scythe because today I would finally get to put it to use! Uncle gave me a few quick lessons and some tips that every reaper should know.

1.) Be courteous at all times.
2.) Carry yourself with the dignity that the title of Death deserves.
3.) Command Authority: never let the deceased get the better of you.

Uncle took me out to a wonderful lunch, but I could hardly eat I was so excited! I kept peppering him with questions the whole time... what are they dying of? Do they have a family? Where am I escorting them? Are they going to Limbo or their final destination? Are they old or young? Male or female? Natural causes, accident or murder? But, he wouldn't tell me! Ahh! The suspense I can't take it!

When we were done he took me to this deserted part of the city...I suspected my soul would be a hobo which was okay I guess, a soul is a soul...and we went under the bridge but I didn't see anyone there just a bunch of garbage and a burnt out car...I asked Uncle if he was sure and he said our client should be along any moment. I put my hood up, held my scythe and took my gloves off, I could hardly wait! Then I saw it!...A dog!...A dog? That can't be it, so I asked Uncle where my case was and he said that was it...a mangy stray dog! I was so disappointed! I rehearsed all night for this?! Uncle Mirg said that I should not be so judgmental...that every life needs to be escorted...and he's right I GUESS. I saw the dog lay down next to a support pillar under the bridge. it looked tired...Uncle gave me his clip board and it had a yellow sheet of lined paper on it with a bunch stats on the dog. I'm not suppose to say what's on the sheet but Uncle said it's okay to talk about the basics like name, age and breed. The dog's name was really long, "Tootsie a.k.a Sawyer a.k.a Sniffles a.k.a Edna" she had many homes and many owners she was a pit-bull German shepherd mix and a stray. She was 15 years old and she was a survivor over the course of her life, since she had been hit by car, had one of her ears snipped off, been used for fighting and mothered dozens of puppies. I don't know how I suddenly knew all that just by standing in front of this animal...Uncle says sometimes the knowledge hits you like that. I brought my big bright yellow feather quill for the special occasion and wrote everything down as it came to me. Uncle froze time for me so I could fill out the paper work and after I was done it was time to collect. I told Uncle that I did not want to do it anymore...I don't want to take a soul...this dog didn't do anything to me and besides I can't kill anyways my touch is not strong enough yet. He told me I was just nervous, that the nerves would pass and that this dog was so close to the end my touch would affect it. I started to cry I can't handle this kind of pressure! I did not ask for this responsibility! Why me?

Uncle held my hand and suddenly I didn't feel scared anymore...I felt something was skin...someone was holding my hand and I didn't have my gloves on and he wasn't unconscious! Uncle didn't have his gloves on must be hard not being able to touch anyone without killing them. I've only been wearing gloves for a few years...he's been doing it for hundreds. He was soft spoken but firm and said that I was already down on the list to escort this dog to her final destination and if I don't take her soul that the dog will die and its soul will be forever entombed in its useless body. I couldn't do that to this poor has already seen so much. I took a deep breath and let go of Uncle's hand and walked up to the dog. I looked back at Uncle and he motioned for me to go on...

"Tootsie/Sawyer/Sniffles/Edna I am the Grim Reaper and I have come to release you from your earthly coil!"

She just looked at me...I felt so many things all at once. Mostly stupid, but sad and excited too. Then she slowly got up and sat in front of me and made an anxious sort of whine was almost like she was expecting me. I put my hand on her head and pulled out her soul...the feeling is so hard to describe! I guess I can say it's close to holding a balloon...I KNOW I'm holding an object but it's weightless. Once her soul was out her eyes glazed over and her body slowly sunk down. I put her soul down and she looked at me bright and transparent and ran around my legs. She was no longer the old defeated dog I saw crawl under the bridge she was like a puppy again. I looked back at Uncle to ask him what do I do now but he was crying. It was okay though, because it was a happy cry. He came over to me patted my shoulder and said the hard part was over. I'm not supposed to say where we went next but when we got to the gate there were a bunch of transparent pit bulls and German shepherd's patiently sitting outside waiting for her, her business on earth was done, she was not going to Limbo she was going to...where ever they go. Uncle won't tell where until I'm older...but when we got back home he said I did a great job, and that he's so proud of me and I'm going to make a fine reaper. I wasn't really hungry for dinner and I went to bed early...if I did such a great job why do I feel so terrible?

June 5th

I got a letter from Mama and Papa today! They are in Paris and they have seen so much! Mama got those implants she's been wanting and Papa has had Coffee at every side cafe they have seen since they got there. They sent me an 8 X 10 of Josephine baker, model of the Eiffel tower and a bottle of wine to give to Uncle Mirg and Liam.

June 7th

Uncle Mirg dropped me off at the Maul today. One of the benefits of being the grim reaper is that he can be anywhere he wants! He said this would be a good place to meet some of my future class mates since most of the kids who go to Monster High all hang out here! He was definitely right, young Monsters everywhere and just like me! I was like a kid in a candy store and then I went to the candy store. I shopped till I dropped! I'll have to thank Papa for loaning me his black Centaurion card. The Witch working at the ice scream shop asked me what the limit on my card was. I smiled and said "the sky" After some...light shopping I hung around the food court and monster watched, I saw so many kids my age running around! So many cute boys too! I got the up down from this cute werewolf who was in line at the burger place, but I just went back to my milk shake. I didn't know what to do! I smiled at him, was that flirting? Am I doing it right? Papa doesn't let me talk to cute boys...I saw lots of cute ghouls that weird? To think girls are cute? The girls were mostly in like...flocks of 3 or more... I wish I had a flock of Ghoul friends. I looked around and I saw some pirates, werekitties, ghosts, vampires and even other reapers! I wanted to run over and be a little ball of sun shine and be all "OMG Hi I'm Ripper I'm new! Love your shoes! Wanna hang out!?" but...I was too scared... I looked around at everyone in their flocks and I so badly want a flock too...but I was just too I went home, but I'm not giving up yet! I can always make friends when I get to school right?

June 9th

Went roller skating today! It was such a beautiful day that I could not wait to get outside! I left the house dressed in something "modest" to appease Uncle Mirg but when I got to the cafe I changed into what I wanted to wear and went skating all up and down the city streets with Otto in my back pack. I like going out skating around the French Quarter, I like taking sticks and knocking Mardi Gras beads out of trees and collecting them. They are EVERYWHERE! It's like Mardi Gras never ends. I kind of wish I came to Visit Uncle Mirg sooner it would have been so great to be here for Mardi Gras! The masks and the parade! I would LOVE to go to a masquerade ball and dance with a mysterious masked monster! Ahh! So glamorous! One day! But, for now I'm content to skate to the water front. I took my skates off and dipped my feet in and I let Otto out to swim around. He loves it, crawdads everywhere! He's in Otter heaven! It's so peaceful here. It's nice to be out of the house, Uncle Mirg's not given me reaper lessons or lectures every 5 minutes and I'm not pacing around my room stressing about school. It's just me and Otto and in this moment that was my whole world.

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