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Reviewing the Monster High Create A Monster Design Lab

I am currently in the process of reviewing the Monster High Doll Create A Monster Design Lab for an Online toy store - Yellow Giraffe in India. 

This product is absolutely amazing. It comes Monster High doll which breaks apart, 100+ tattoos and a complete design lab. It's really cool that we can create and design our own scary monster. Though my favorite doll is Cleo-De-Nile, I still love the fact of being able to create my own monster design.

All you need to do is a) Select the pieces to build a custom creature b) Choose a skin for each part c) Place them in their appropriate spots within the design lab d) Pump water into the sponge, close the tattooing unit, press the activation button, and wait for the light to stop blinking. Cool right! It actually gives you the feel of being a monster designer :)

I cant wait to make the video review. I am sharing a few pictures of my creation in this post. I will soon share the video with you all.

Please do share your views and any feedback if you have played with the Create A Monster Design Lab.

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