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Poppy Geist

Age- 17

Daughter of the Poltergeist


Killer Style- I dress gothic, but with cheery colors. Just because I'm a poltergeist doesn't mean I can't have fun!!


Freaky Flaw- I have an "uncanny" ability to hear school gossip. What's the hubub about? It's not like I'm a gossip hog!


Favorite Food/Color-

Color- Lavender or Violet, basically any kind of purple! :)

Food- Angel Hair Pasta, it's heavenly like me!!


Biggest Pet Peeve- People sticking their hands through me! Don't they know it hurts and tickles at the same time??


Favorite Activity- Listening to Lady Gaga's music. I'm a certified "little monster"!! Haha, she calls her fans "little monsters" and I AM a monster!!


Pet- A baby Crow named Poe. He is cute, and loves Edgar Allen Poe's horror stories!


Friends- Spectra Vondergeist (she is my cousin!), Abbey Bominable, Michelle Myers, and Freda Kruger!


Favorite School Subject- Dead Languages. It's really fun!


Least Favorite School Subject- Ge-ogre-phy, it bores me to death. Wait... I'm already dead... :(

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Comment by Katniss Everdeen(Draculauren) on May 27, 2011 at 3:27pm
There is a Poppy Poltergeist on Youtube and she has an pet raven.

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