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Barbie Dress up games

To welcome New Year 2013, my parents allow me to have a house party with my close friends at the weekend. I’m really happy when hearing that, I could prepare the party by myself. And I need to make plan right now.

Someone said that partying was an essential part of the typical college experience. From school party, picnic, camping to parties at home, there’s never any shortage of things to do at college. I’m a busy student so hardly I did not have enough time to join in all parties at school and at my friends’ house. I have a part-time job as a designer for a website of dress up games. Although I spend most of my free time on it, I really love this job. I also support for my studying. However, I still want to take part in outside activities with my friends. Therefore, this year, I decide to arrange my time for balance between my job and other activities. To begin with my plan, I have a New Year party at home with my friends.

Firstly, outfit is very important. My wardrobe is pretty but most of them are basic clothes meanwhile I need more party costumes. Immediately, I called my best friend to go shopping and update my wardrobe to include cute lovely tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories for special occasions. They are one of the wardrobe must.

I have a little experience in selecting clothes when I draw games for girls. I read and found a lot of new trend to re-draw so I also catch up with current fashion styles. The most important thing to me is finance, therefore I need some suitable with my condition. Besides, accessories are also an essential item to make our dresses or clothes prominent. To make them unique, I want some handmade. The best way is going to markets instead of shops, I can find numerous impressive things here. In addition, the price here is much cheaper. And I love it.

Because this is a house party and my parents will not be at home, I have to prepare food and drink for it. I will order pizza and go to supermarket to buy some drink and ingredients for my dishes. Now, I found that my job help me so much. Drawing dress up games helps me choose clothes better and easier. Sometimes, I draw cooking games, I must search recipes from the internet and describe then through images and step by step instructions. Hence, now cooking to me is quite easier, too and I know more recipes of unique and delicious dishes. I think my friends will be very surprised with my cooking skills. Moreover, I will call some friends coming earlier to help me decorate my house and arrange the table with full of food and drink.

Everything seems to be alright, I hope that my friends will love it. Maybe after this occasion, I will draw a game instructing players to choose outfits and arrange things for the parties at home. That might be a good idea to make it become true. Now, I’m looking forward to my party to welcome a happy new year.

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