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Seeing as monster high is all about celebrating who we are and telling people to embrace everything about themselves, even if it breaks the norm, I am shocked and a little upset that their is no LGBT representation by now. If we truly want kids to feel comfortable about themselves, shouldn't we show them that it is okay to be lgbt+? While mattel has made many characters that show different personalities and unique styles, I keep seeing more and more heterosexual monsters dating each other. Would it kill them to have just one same sex couple? Sure, they may lose a few conservative buyers, but seeing as they've made such an incredibly large amount of money off of monster high by now (and there are still millions of buyers that would continue to buy) it wouldn't hurt them in the long run. I know I, and plenty of other monster high fans, would be overjoyed to see a little representation.

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Comment by riannakuma on August 21, 2015 at 10:16am
I'd love an lgbt couple or canon characters /.\
Comment by thriftydolly on July 10, 2015 at 1:35pm

the creator of monster high Garrott is gay i'm sure he's thought of making a lgbt couple but i'm not sure if mattel would allow it unless it's for comic con which none of us wants. sdcc exclusives are almost impossible to get so be careful what you for. the best thing would be a main release. i'm not sure if it would happen.

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