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Hey monsters! Here's Anouk ^-^ 

I've just get my Operetta doll a couple of days ago *o* when I found she at Toys'R'Us... it was as she was calling me! 

But I guess I should introduce me and my monster experience :P

I'm a 20-year-old Law student in Valencia (Spain)

I learn about Monster High because of my little cousin, who is crazy about them (as crazy as girls of my age where years ago with Barbie and Bratz at least) She show me some Monster High cards, telling me who they were. As I said they were cool, she gave me one of the cards, which I kept, as I love my cousin with all my heart (and always develop feelings for things people I love give me :P) 

Later, I bought her the Monster High magazine, and she told me she loves Clawdeen and thinks I'm like Lagoona. We spent the whole afternoon watching the webisodes and that night I made some little research and star learning about the Monstergirls :P Then, I met Operetta, and she caught my heart. 

Last Friday I needed some study rest, so I took the car and when to a mall, just to walk and have some fun... the only thing I was especting to buy was a waffle and a book my mum wants (you know, Mother's Day is coming!) but what I found was my dear doll! I walked in a toystore, just to give a look and there she was, saying my name :P so I bought her and decided to make real one of my childhood dreams: my doll collection. 

And... here I am ^-^ hope I make some friends here... specially if I need some help collecting dolls :P as that's something kinda hard here!

BTW, is there some "Doll Care for Dummies" or something?

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