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As easy as you might find it, my parents are Royalty.Queen Elizabite and king Bloodthur wanted to share there love with me.Odd as it is my vampire parents found out they were haveing not a vampire girl but a skeleton."oh my dear lord."she said and fainted.People say that Blackbloods ( Bluebloods are rich people like from the movie penelope trailer - YouTube) shouldnt have black hair.Yes we all had Black hair.I wore a blond wig, my pairents just put stuff over there hair.I remember when i was 6.I slowly approched the big crowd down below me.Cameras Flashed, lots of yelling but the loudest thing was the meanest."Was the worst thing having a daughter as a skeleton or seeing if she had black hair or not?"It was all in slow motion as i ran crying, into the castle not tripping on my little floppy dress.Not turning back, he might well know i DO know what all the words meant and to know it hurt my sole."Luna!"My mom's voice called.

Suddenly i felt shaking.

"time to get up."It was Pandora Web the maid."fine."I said rushing up to my clothes and slipping on my dress.I made sure no one was around took out the grandmaster key.The grandmaster key was above any other key in the word.I locked the door and pulled out my night cap.

Down flowed my curly black hair.So nice and strong, to bad no one could see it.I slipped on my blond wig.Perfect.I stumbled into the grand hall With the grandmaster key around my neck.I quickly ate up."Today's list include Archery, Dancing,your lessons...."Buster McNab( werewolf) The butler said."Pay attention please Luna." He snapped his fingers.

"Oh yes im paying attention.My lessons..."I replyed.Gave me a look that looked like he was looking right through me.

To be countinued......

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