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hi guys, i am un-pulishing some of my ocs for a short while, but just because i am not posting their art anymore does not mean people can take them, if you see anyone using them could you please tell me, thanks
i am not posting their art anymore as i have too many to be drawin at the moment, but once i have become more developed in art i will start publishin them again.

Ocs that i am still drawing:
Carla Greene
Erin NYX Hades
Eva Gvene Marley
Shady Shuck Black
Kyla Waters

Ocs that i will not be publishing for a while:
Demona Fall
Deviliana Fall
Catrina Purrine
Abi Fang De'Vilardigeist
Dexter Clawman
Ava Where
Freddi Leather Krueger
Belladona Nightmare
Sapphire Blizzard
Lianne Pharone
Ariella Bellaria
Ashlea Sirena Acheleous
Avonia blackwood
Demmonia Shasha
Myra Anguàna Swashbuckler
Raven Viper
Star and Trix Tarot
Xbiansàre Ramenón

Please, please could you tell me if you see anyone using theese ocs, as they belong to me, and i am very particular about the top 4 as they were my first ones and mean alot to me thankyou :) 

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Comment by Overlady Idiots [Zena] on January 11, 2012 at 8:18pm


'Cause everyone knows that girls from the Underworld are pretty awesome.

Al: I agree.

Me: That's because you are one, Persephone's daughter.

Al: And Hades.

Me: Good point.

Comment by PoltergeistInChains on January 11, 2012 at 8:16pm

ah, yes i am going to start drawing Erin now :3

Comment by Overlady Idiots [Zena] on January 8, 2012 at 8:35pm

The Nyx daughter sounds really cool! Can't wait to see her!

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