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My current want list as of 8/28(now sepecific)

Want list:

Dolls (most accepted nude or with accessories):

  • Classroom Lagoona
  • DDG Operetta
  • Toralei Stripe
  • Basic Spectra
  • Home Ick Frankie-pending-
  • Roller Maze Frankie


  • Basic Lagoona’s shorts and jacket
  • Classroom Lagoona’s dress and lab coat
  • DDG Opperetta’s dress
  • DDG Lagoona’s dress
  • GR Draculaura’s Dress and tights
  • Basic Robbecca’s dress and jacket
  • Threadarella’s dress
  • Basic Toralei’s complete outift
  • Basic Rochelle’s top, skirt and socks
  • Physical deaducation Ghoulia’s outfit
  • DoTD Clawdeen’s dress and tights
  • DoTD Cleo’s dress
  • DoTD Ghoulia’s tights
  • Wave 1 basic Frankie’s dress
  • Draculaura’s fearleading uniform
  • Spectra’s fashion pack(complete)
  • Comic book club ghoulia’s fashion pack(complete)
  • Snowboarding club Abbey Bominable’s turtleneck
  • Toralei's Fashion pack shirt and belt

Shoes (interested in almost all shoes, these are just the ones I could think of):

  • Classroom lagoona’s shoes
  • DDG Opperetta shoes
  • DDG Lagoona’s shoes
  • GR Frankie’s boots
  • GR Clawdeen’s shoes
  • Basic Robbecca’s boots
  • Threadarella’s shoes
  • Basic Toralei’s boots
  • Basic Rochelle’s shoes
  • DoTD Clawdeen’s shoes
  • DoTD Ghoulia’s shoes


  • Classroom lagoona’s bracelet
  • DDG Opperetta necklace
  • DDG Lagoona necklace
  • GR Clawdeen belt and mask
  • GR Draculaura’s earrings and mask
  • Gr Cleo’s Bracelet
  • Basic Robbecca’s earrings, bracelets and goggles
  • Threadarella earrings, crown, and purse
  • Basic Rochelle’s necklace, bracelet and headband
  • Physical deaducation Ghoulia’s bracelet, black glasses and earrings
  • DoTD Clawdeen’s earrings
  • DoTD Ghoulia’s three skull earrings
  • Wave 1 basic Frankie earrings and purse

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Comment by L.A. on November 4, 2012 at 9:21pm

Hi, Kelsey is this your current list?

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