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I picked up my layby yesterday. It was just three more of those I already had (Frankie, Lagoona and Clawdeen) but I needed them as models for the School Spirit fashion packs.


I think they turned out quite well! It's the first time I played around with their hair - usually I just leave it as is out of the box (well except for brushing it... but it's usually so silky!) but this time I took out all the ties and played around with it. Lagoona's looks all wavy/frizzy almost like it does on the cartoon pic, and I pulled Frankies around into a side pony-tail. I could figure out how to do her fringe but I think she looks ok.


The only thing I can't figure out is how to get Clawdeens hair into that afro style... I'm afraid I may have to cut it which feels so wrong it chills me to the bone but I have to do what I have to do. That's the last resort though...


So now I have all four costumes on display upping my grand total to 20 dolls and 2 beds. (well 21 if you include my gloom beach Cleo who isn't on display as she has... a wonkey eye!).

And including the Dead Tired that's on it's way... 25 (26) dolls and 3 beds!

Oh, make that 27 (28) dolls... I bought the Clawd/Draculaura set on Amazon yesterday as well.

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