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Monster High Cosplay: Cleo De Nile - Shoes & Bodysuit Complete

Hey boos and ghouls~! In regards to Cleo's costume, this will probably be the last blog on her until the wig shows up in the mail. I'll be at a stand-still until it does. I mean...I still have the top to finish, her belt, her headband, and armband (three of which my boyfriend will be bringing paint for and the armband he'll be making all this weekend), but I think I'll just combine that all into one blog. She's done aside from that and adding the gold into the wig. I might have more on Deuce come this weekend though. :)


Cleo De Nile: Shoes

So finally figured out the best way to get the wraps on and the adjustable straps hidden but still able to be adjusted. XD I thought of treating the top-most wraps like the ribbons to a ballet pointe shoe. I wrap it around then tie the remaining wrap into a double knot so it stays together. As you can see in the photo below, it adds a couple more wrap hangings onto her shoes than Cleo actually has, but it adds to the costume instead of taking away from it. The heel part of each shoe actually turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I just painted squares like the rest of the wraps, cut the squares out to make the shape of the heel then glues it on tot he heel the same way I've been gluing it on since the beginning. And so....Ta-dah! Cleo's shoes! 100% complete! :)


Cleo De Nile: Bodysuit


This includes the arm warmer and the loose-wraps hanging from her leg and arm warmer. It took a little bit of finagling with the wraps. I couldn't decide just how long was too long. You can see the loose wraps on the leg in the photo above. Everything else can be seen in the photo below. However, there's one thing missing to the mummy wraps. Can anyone guess what that is?

If you said the necklace-like wrap, you're right! I finished painting everything the night before and then when I went to work on this yesterday, I put the whole thing on (minus the top), compared myself to the doll and then cringed realizing I'd forgotten her necklace wrap. :( It's not such a big deal since it's a simple piece. It's just the hassle of having to remix the paint colors and cutting out more of the fabric (lycra isn't the most fun of fabrics to work with in regards to cutting and painting.) But it will get done! :) Probably after work today, I'll slap it together in 30 minutes and add another photo to this blog. ^^; And then, hopefully by next week, I can show you the completed outfit!


So that should about do it. Below is a quick list of what is left to be done with this cosplay. Please leave questions and comments below! If you want me to elaborate on anything just tell me. I'm more than happy to go into detail! :)


Cleo De Nile: What Remains

  • Top
    Needs minor adjustments in length and black trim added
  • Belt
    Needs to be painted gold
  • Headband
    Needs to be painted gold and jewels added
  • Armband
    Boyfriend needs to make
  • Wig
    Bought | Needs to arrive and add gold thread to hair


Until next time!

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Comment by Chelsea Rodenborn on March 30, 2011 at 10:49am


I don't know if Holt is on my list of costumes to do for Monster High. I do plan on making costumes for all the girls, but I'm not a crossplayer (dress up as the opposite gender) so Holt is very unlikely. My boyfriend hasn't shown much interest in him either. So the chances are even slimmer. >.<;;;


@Cecilia Amontillado

I will be getting there. I'm pretty much done, it's just that it's difficult to find time to work on this since I hold down two jobs and then when I get home, I usually crash. I got as much done as I did this past week because I was home sick on doctor's orders so I found it a perfect opportunity to work on Cleo. But when I do get it done, everyone here at will be the first to know.

Comment by Lily Flutter on March 18, 2011 at 2:25pm
can you do a holt outfit please
Comment by Chelsea Rodenborn on March 18, 2011 at 10:11am




@Angelina Dark

I'll be making Lagoona's outfit for one of my sisters, so maybe you can get some tips from that! :)


@frankie stein

After this, I will be working on Deuce Gorgon and then most likely Ghoulia. I'm making the costumes for myself, my boyfriend and my sisters so I will get to them all eventually. :) So yes, I will gladly make a Ghoulia outfit! :D

Comment by Allianna Elven on March 18, 2011 at 9:44am
ohhhhhhhhhhh after this can u do a ghoulia outfit
Comment by ☠ Angelina Dark ☠ on March 18, 2011 at 5:39am

I really want to make Lagoona Blue's Outfit!!!!

Comment by Lily Flutter on March 17, 2011 at 4:11pm
great job looks good so far

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