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Evangeline Aello

Daughter of the Harpies

Killer Style: Love rockin’ my gray leggings with my mauve skinny fitted-t with my favorite floral print. But my best accessories are my hoop earrings and raven shaped pendant.  And the final touches for this chic outfit are my killer black stilettos with shiny gold clasps.  

Age: 16

Freaky Flaw:  I’m a selfish only child that lashes out at the most in opportune times.

Fav. Color: Mauve

Fav. Food: Red Meat

Pet Peeve: When a ghoul acts fake to impress people.

Fav Activity: I play bass for the Monstars and backup Amaltheia’s amazing vocals.

BFF’s: *Chewy Cabra, Amaltheia Baird, Alexz Pied, Torrence Minos, Holt Hyde, and Operetta.

Fav. Subject: Mad Science with Mr. Hackington.

Least Fav. Subject: Having to discuss my future with Mr. D’eath.

Pet: Raven (Dusk)

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