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Maggie Emperor 

Age: 16

Daughter of the Mothman


Killer Style- I like to wear bright colors. A blue and pink striped tank top works well with a denim miniskirt. I'm also a huge fan of Hello Kitty. She is the bomb! :) Neon colored beads go well with my style, too. And some Ed Hardy Platform Heels finish it off! I wear a lot of things to distract people from my ugly Moth hands. :(


Freaky Flaw- Whatever mood I'm in, my wings change to a different color! Cool right? 

Pink= Happy!

Blue= Sad!

Orange= Nervous!

Red= Mad!

Yellow= Calm!

Green= Sick! 


Favorite Activity- Dad is teaching me how to fly. It doesn't seem as easy as it looks! But that's the way of learning!


Favorite Color/Food- 

Color- The colors of the Rainbow!! :) 

Food- Bugs... just kidding. I really like Cheetos! 


Biggest Pet Peeve- When people climb on my back, and say "Giddy up Maggie!" That urks me.


Favorite School Subject- Ge-ogre-phy. I like to learn about all the places that I could travel to one day.


Least Favorite School Subject- P.E. I hate sweating. It's disgusting and... I can't even talk about it.


Friends- Atlanta Wave, Freda Kruger, Sally Stein, & Poppy Poltergeist. 


Pet- Dad won't let me have a pet. But I have been looking at an Angora Rabbit at the Pet Shop!  :)



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