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Hello lovelies!
I've recently become a big fan of Monster High and due to the recent reboot, me and my boyfriend have even created our own reboot to hopefully pitch one day to bring back the cute and scary tone of the show. 

I've been into customizing Monster High dolls a lot lately, I'm new to it but I've been able to get some beautiful results and I hope to sell my creations one day because it's hard for me to get a good job right now. I've been recently diagnosed with a chronic illness and disability and I'm trying to create art to help pay for college and bills and so on.

My thrift stores are failing me and I can't find good lots on sale on Ebay (I keep getting out bit or they end up being forty too fifty dollars) so if anyone has any unwanted or damaged dolls. Let me know! 

I can't pay much but I will cover any shipping and throw in a free gift because I can't help but feel bad regardless. ^^'
So yeah, I don't feel comfortable taking in box dolls because they won't be used as collectors items and they'd deserve a better home than someone wanting to completely repaint them XD
I don't need clothes or accessories, just the doll: though I would like it if all the limbs were intact, certain dolls are hard to find replacement parts for.

I'm not looking for specific dolls but I would love to find some of these: Iris Clops, Wydowna Spider, Spectra, Skelita, and Rochelle. 
I'll take any doll but those would be awesome to find right away! Thanks for the help!

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Comment by Rey on September 8, 2017 at 1:02am
Good luck! Just gave my Clawdia a yarn reroot cause her hair was sooo sticky but if I get another bad doll I will let you know and you can cover shipping :)

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