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   Okay, a long time ago I had this contest, Keeping Calm...It was about my Incredible Hulk OC. There were five winners. I only remember a few:



                  Irys Devil


                  Megan Kuli



   But who was that last one? It's at the tip of my tounge. If you're out there, whoever you are, SPEAK UP. Please!

   I know I said there would be a reward for winning. There will be. I will draw them and write Fan Fic...I just have been caught up with requests and Monster Elementary Fan Fic.

   So, requests will be called off until I work on some Fan Fic and drawing of the winner's OCs.

   Thankyou, and sorry for being lazy.

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Comment by Nichole Callaway on September 25, 2011 at 6:27pm
It's me! and I need my reward! and i need it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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