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So I decided to take a crack at blogging. I'm aware most  of you on here are not Star Wars fans, and that's okay. 

This is more for the people who not major about it, but still want to read a good read.  Let me say upfront. I am not a diehard SW fan, tho I know the lore. I was 'eh'  watching the Luke Skywalker arc, tho I did enjoy the modern trilogy.

So, there was a midnight SW event at Toys R us. Basically, for one hour, you come inside and spend all your money, as well as your future kids college fund on the newest SW toys from the upcoming December 2015 movie.   At 12:05, I decided to go, and here is my experience, with jokes and not so advanced SW lingo.

This was what I was greeted to, to guide me on my way to the SW toys. I suppose it was also there to guide any drunks to come inside their store and spend their leftover cash.   The parking lot was 25% full, tho minus the employee cars, it was a sad sight for a Jedi.  I saw one man filming outside, excited to be apart of the SW event, and that made me feel good being there as well.                                              Stepping inside, I told the nearby cashier 'May the force be with you', and yet with her unhappy attitude, she was needing someone to force her to give good customer service. If I had the power of the badguys called 'Sith' forcechoke, I'de be tempted to use it.     Perhaps I should have dressed as Darth Vader, get some respect.         I asked the cashier, the second next to female Grievous, about how many people showed up. The second cashier said about 30-40, which was about more Jedis left in revenge of the Sith. More or less.

Then I saw them. The adults who were grabbing SW toys off the shelves, and yet in a orderly manner. I wondered why no kids were there to use as a excuse to miss school this friday. As well as why none of these people advised the creator of SW, George Lucas, to not use the character Jar Jar Binks.   After that, I see why he sold the rights to Disney, which, is already showing they intend to make a buck off every toy droid and lightsaber sold.

One helpful employee asked me what I was looking for, and I honestly answered 'Monster high dolls and Pokemon cards'. The person laughed, even tho I was dead serious.  Still, I couldn't help but gravitate past the video games, and into the SW aisles. Especially since they had the same dolls from last week, and even less stock on Pokemon cards.

I saw the people in a line, taking their time to walk around in circles, looking at the different toys, as some just placed a package into their shopping carts without a second look, nor care.  Some were looking for a certain toy, while others were looking to get all they could afford.  And there was me, lost in a sea of fans, there solely for the excitement and experience of it all.                                I walked past 1 guy talking to another, hearing him call everyone else 'nerds', yet , he himself was holding and looking over a new SW figurine.   One lady was seen walking out the store with 2 baskets filled up to the top, both of them, one hand on each.  As Yoda would say 'Card credit good be with that one.'

Not wanting to spoil their frenzy, I stayed on the sidelines, too cautious to jump in line and look at the toys. New toy brands usually catch my eye, but I just knew I would be rushed while I scanned over each little package with the logo of 'Star Wars'. Not knowing what I wanted, if any of it, I decided to 'Stormtroop' my way to the exit doors.             While leaving out tho, A employee stopped me, and offered me a Lego exclusive piece, as well as a sweet looking Kylo Ren poster.

It's a  brick piece that can be used for any Lego building set.

Exclusive Kylo Ren, new Star Wars 7 villian Toys R Us poster. I so wanna RP as him.

Sadly, I didn't get any pics of the new toys. Or the crowds and such there. Tho if you're curious to see them, like I was, go check out the SW aisles the next time you doll hunting or looking for something else there. All the good stuff I'm sure was already bought, and still, I have no major interest in collecting/owning any of the merchandise.

Perhaps tho, seeing the hype, and the fanbase in high spirits, waiting for the new film, maybe I will grab a Kylo Ren mask. Grab a cloak, and wield a red toy lightsaber as I go into the even bigger hype of the opening movie weekend showing.  If nothing else, It taught me from that short time alone, that people are still going to make fun/slander a fandom you're in (Sith)   And that regardless of the bad sterotypes/members, there are some in any fandom that are good and should make you feel the same for embracing it (Jedi)

I thank you for reading. And for that, even if you're not into SW...

May the force be with you.

NEXT BLOG! I will be going to the Pokemon Trading Card Game big tournament, and hoping to haves pics, funny stories and such. 09-19-2015.  Also if you see the user named Zim, tell her you believe in her. There's a Pokemon torney I'm rooting for her to win this Oct.  I believe in her.  She's really really REALLY good. Like Really. 

Help me convince her to go/support! ><   - Your fave Were/Catboy  -Necko.

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