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Okay for Christmas without much thought of what I would get, I suddenly got my first set of Monster High Dolls, after months of considering getting them. I like the Build-a-Monster collection, and I have always thought of fashion for dolls. So here I am thinking about making doll fashions based on my love for Japanese ghost stories.

So here is what is on the planning block

1. Yuki Onna  a small white kimono with a frosty trail and some icicles along the train of the kimono. Her hair will have a bun and she can hold a frosty white fan. Yuki Onna is a snow demon who fed on the warmth of men. (Though I'm going to find the ice monster girl or get Abbey for this)

2. Vampire, I'm thinking of a white kimono with a red sash with inspiration from a classic vampire anime called Vampire Princess Miyu. Though lengthening the kimono just a tad and adding some red along the train (will get Draculaura or a vampire build-a-monster)

3. The cat girl, I'm thinking of doing a nice blue and white kimono, with enough room, though I'm going to add a tail or two to make it into a Nekomatta (two tailed) house guardian. 

Wow....I have a long way to go. 

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