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Hey people of monster high! I think this place is kinda missing some real highschool ups and downs. Well, I wanted to tell everyone out there I am that shoulder to cry on if needed, that person you can confide and trust to keep your secrets, because we all know there is drama happening all the time, which isn't always fun. I totally get that, and I want to help anyone that is going through a rough time in their life, or you just want to talk to a friend I can be that person too, I am the heart of all :) I understand everyone, even if you think I don't... I have been on the good and bad sides of life, and I made it out of the bad side, so I want to help others out of the bad side as well, so, anyone need to talk to someone, shoot me a comment or message, and if you would like I could give you an email to contact me at so we can talk more frequently, I'm here for you!

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