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How I Started Collecting Monster High Dolls

It all started when I was nannying for a couple kids over the summer, the 10 year old came up to me and asked me to watch a movie with her. We started watching Ghouls Rule, and instantly I was like "what is this? Why do they look like that?  Oh! whose that?  these girls look similar to the Bratz dolls I had when I was younger". I was suprised that I actually ended up LOVING the movie, and then decided to watch the other movies. I eventually bought them all, but deep inside I kind of wanted a doll. I thought I was crazy! A 20 year old wanting to buy a doll?! what?!

I eventually gave in and purchased my first one and felt NO guilt! It was great, I loved trying to pick the one I wanted from all the others Wal-Mart had on the shelf (which was A LOT!). When I got home I couldn't wait to open my Cleo De Nile: Frights! Camera! Action!

Since then I've been lucky enough to find some great deals from some great people! Ican't stop now! :)

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Comment by on February 14, 2015 at 4:58am
Wanna buy a very rare cleo of me for $5

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