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I'm TOTALLY pumped for this year's MH shopping season! There are so many sales for X-mas, and a lot of them are on toys. Mostly MH, though. But I've saved up my money to try to buy the Scaris and Fearbook dolls. I really want fearbook UlaD because I love her pic for the fearbook! It is hilarious! But I'm mainly looking for Scaris Frankie and Jinafire. I really want Jinafire because I like Japenese things. And I want Frankie because she has the personality of my friend who is in Paris right now.

Thankfully, the X-mas shopping season has started, and that means sales! At Target, I saw a 30% off all toys throughout November, and at TRU they have sales everywhere. Fortunatly for my excellent shopping skills, I'll have them in my arms faster than you can say Freaky Fab Friday.

Christmas is going to be awesome!

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