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Final Chapter of How Wolfgang and Davita Met

Davita woke up on Thursday. Early, very early. She woke up an hour earlier than she normally did, but she didn’t go back to sleep. She got dressed in a pale pink top, a pastel orange skirt that almost went down to her knees, and she wore black flats with little black flowers on them. She did her makeup, the way Wolfgang showed her. She sniffed the eyeliner because it was just a beautiful smell that reminded her of Wolfgang.
    He’s so sweet, she though to herself, he’s like the brother I’ve never had. He’s unique, but there’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself, expressing yourself and being unique has never gotten anybody killed, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
    She put dark mascara on, something she knew her father wouldn’t be too happy about, (He was a bit of an overprotective parent.) but she figured that if Wolfgang was allowed to wear tons of black eyeliner, she didn’t see anything wrong with wearing a dark brown mascara. Davita applied dark brown eyeshadow, with a little bit of white eyeshadow on the corners of her eyes, to brighten her face.
    Davita smiled, and applied a purple-ish blush on, subtle, but a cool color to go with her pale skin with cool undertones. She swiped her lips with a bit of a pale rose color. One that her father, unhappily, bought for her.
    Davita smiled at herself, she could tell it’d be a great day, one of no lies, and truth. Who it would come from, she wasn’t sure, but it’d come from somebody, alright. Maybe October would apologize, and not act insane, maybe Wolfgang would say something shocking. But what would he say that’d be so shocking? Maybe Davita would say the truth about something, she wasn’t the type to keep be a closed book with her friends, but around other people, she was a mystery. A cute mystery in adorable shoes, and to die for makeup tips. (The tips came from Wolfgang, of course.)    
    She used a tad bit of dry shampoo on her hair because she didn’t have time to shower this morning, even though she woke up an hour early, she had things to get done.
    While she let the dry shampoo set, she checked her phone. 18 missed calls, and 4 texts. Two of the texts were from her phone company, saying that if she didn’t use her phone in the next 30 days, she’d have her phone number cancelled. The other one was the weather forecast, which she subscribed to, so she could know the weather. Sunny, warm, and about 70 degrees F. It was perfect weather. The other text was Fawnee, asking if she was awake. This text was from 4 in the morning, just an hour ago. Davita wondered why Fawnee would text her at four in the morning.
    Davita set her green phone with an Incredible Hulk case down on her vanity.
    She glanced at the Incredible Hulk figurines on her pale green vanity. She looked at them and smiled. She had also begged for them when she was little. She glanced at her pale green wall, with several Incredible Hulk posters. If Davita hadn’t known that her father was indeed, The David Banner, she would’ve thought that she must’ve been the stupidest fan girl in the universe.
    A “Hulk Smash!” roar came from her phone, a sound that meant she had a text message. Davita lifted it off the vanity, and checked her texts. It was Wolfgang’s number, she had given him her number last night.
    Wolfgang: Hey Davita.
    Davita smiled, a simple text, he clearly couldn’t come up with any thing to say.     
    Davita: Hi, Wolfgang.
    Not like Davita was anymore creative.
    Wolfgang: You’re up early, I was expecting you to re-text me at six.
    Davita: Early bird catches the worm, I guess. J
    Wolfgang: I can’t believe it’s two and a half hours before school. I normally wake up a half hour before school.
    Davita: Anyway, since we both woke up early, do you want to hang out at my house until we have to go to school? My father had to go to work early.
    Wolfgang: Sure, I’ll be there in about five minutes, okay?
    Davita: Okay, see you there.
    Davita combed out the dry shampoo from her wavy golden locks and popped a pink sparkly pin in her hair. She cleaned her glasses off, since they were in need of a good cleansing, and she popped them back on. She moved her figurines in just the right poses, and put away the comic books. She fixed up the posters, so they’s be perfectly straight. Davita removed the jungle green cloth off of the glass case, featuring a mint copy of The Incredible Hulk. It was the very first Hulk comic made. The glass case also featured a mint figurine, signed by the artist of The Incredible Hulk. Davita cleaned the case, and finished just in time to hear the bell ring. She checked the time on her phone, and it took exactly five minutes.
    Davita rushed downstairs, her flats hitting the wooden floor with loud smacks. Davita opened the beige door with a green frame around the door window.

    She saw Wolfgang, wearing a ribcage shirt with realistic organs on it, black skinny jeans, black arm warmers that nearly reached his elbows, and black and white slip on knock off Vans.
    Wolfgang’s hair was black, with red streaks around the bangs and the sides. He wore even thicker eyeliner than he normally did, and it showed off his thin pale face. It was unhealthily skinny, and you could see his ribcage through his shirt.
    “You look fantastic!” she smiled, throwing herself into hugging him. This was a bit more affection to him than she normally showed, but she felt as if she was so close to him.
    He hugged back. “You look beautiful.”
    They both sat in her room.
    “Are you going to the prom? The school proms are idiotic, but I don’t have anything to do tonight.” Davita asked, not necessarily trying to be his date to the prom, but just curious.
    “Oh, yeah. There’s this one person I like, but you’d laugh if you knew.” he replied.
    “I would never laugh at who you like, no matter how stupid your choice of girls can be.” she laughed, recalling a girl smacking him in the face a few days ago, for kissing with his eyes wide open, and not really wanting to kiss her. Davita saw them kiss, and he clearly didn’t want to kiss her.
    “Girls? What if you laughed at me if it wasn’t a girl?” he said, seeming just to be one of those “What If” questions, but Davita wasn’t a stupid girl, she knew what he really meant.
    “Well, I’d be fine with that. After all, it’d be the way your born.” Davita said, with a sweet smile.
    “Please, do not tell anybody, but I was thinking about Rufus. I don’t know if I’m ready to come out of the closet to everyone else. Nobody knows but you.”
    “Rufus is a sweet guy. I think he’d really like you. If you want to go on a date with him, go right ahead. Nobody’s gonna care if you’re gay or not, and if they do, I will smack them back into last year.” She replied, supportively.
    “You think I should tell people I like guys?” he wondered aloud.
    “This is the truth I was thinking about!” Davita thought to herself.
    “Of course I do, being honest is good, and how will you ever know if he likes you, if he doesn’t tell you?”

    Later that night, Wolfgang showed up to the prom, with a purposefully ripped up black tuxedo, with a red rose in his front pocket, and a red tie.
    Davita was wearing a pale green dress that came down almost to her knees. She wore a white ribbon around her waist, and white heels. She wore white pearl earrings, and a white hair bands. She wore a pale green bracelet, with little charms, all different. One of the charms had two cats hugging on it, and another had a screw. One small charm has a flower, another had vampire fangs, another with blue angel wings.
    Another boy with walked in. It was Rufus. He had a nice black tuxedo, with a yellow undershirt, and a black tie. He seemed to not have brought anybody.
    Wolfgang walked up to Rufus. Davita couldn’t hear them, but Wolfgang was telling him something, and Rufus seemed very happy about it. They slow danced in a corner, and slowly slow danced to the middle. Some people were confused, and Davita could hear people say “Why is he slow dancing with Rufus?” or “Is this a joke? Maybe a prank?”
    Before Davita knew it, they were kissing. Davita could hear gasps, and a few evil snickers, laughing at the two, like two coldhearted souls.
    Davita smiled, she had what any girl would want, a gay guy friend.

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