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   Okay, it's been about a month of weekly blog posts! Yay!

   People have been making Flaming Pony fan art.

   One was from my sister, and one was from Nyan Cat Rox. Now, Flaming Pony is like Flaming Cat, but a MLPFIM character, that's on fire, and sometimes has a few features of a cat. It's usually sloppily edited on MS Paint, or a beautiful picture of a pony, that's flaming. It's almost turning into my own meme!

   Okay, so I think that I'll be changing my profile picture to the fan art every once in a while and of course, give credit.

   I haven't been on much, I'm sorry. I've been doing other things on the internet, and attempting to spend time with my family. ATTEMPTING. :|

   I saw Classroom Assortment Lagoona and Frankie at Target, and I also saw a five pack of Gloom Beach, including th ghouls, and Ghoulia Yelps Gloom Beach. Jackson was not included.

   This is an incredibly short blog post, I'm sorry, but I have nothing to type about, it hasn't been that exiting. Bye.

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Comment by Clawdette Wolf ♪ on August 3, 2011 at 9:30am

aww! i wish someone could do my character! but, i'll be posting the pictures soon!

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