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"You may be immortal, but you're only half-god," 

     "Then who's my father?" 

     "A hunter, Dawn, The Hunter,"


Dawn clenched her fist, frustrated. By the gods, why couldn't her mother just tell her, just the name, of her father? 

     She asked the question every morning, receiving the same answer. Why, just w–

     An apple core fell on her head. 

     Maybe with her cousin climbing trees in the forest and eating fruit wasn't the best time to mentally vent to herself. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, noticing the sound of someone chewing had faded away, and Al was somewhere else. Probably at the skatepark. She was often at the skatepark at 7:15.

     Dawn took a few more steps, before she saw a flash of purple in her peripheral vision. She turned around in a 360˚ angle, spoting no one... wait... the glaze of an eye.

     Before it turned back into the trees, of course. She had distinctly heard the sound of boots trampling down on fallen leaves. 

     With a sigh, she continued walking in her previous path.


"I got a dilemma here!" Nikki panicked. "Max's back! I'm a huntress now!" 

     Dawn, who had currently been in a staring contest with her lunch for the past few minutes, finally glanced up. "Wouldn't one of his, y'know, friends, that were guys, told him, or something?" 

     Danny and Jessie, both who had barely knew Max, were busy planning mutiny against the teachers, trying to ignore the conversation around them. 

     Directing her glance over to a group of boys (and the occasional girl) surrounding Max, Al frowned. "Look. If you didn't tell him, and if they aren't planning to tell them, this leaves me no choice. Actually, it does give me a choice, but it doesn't give you a choice. Your pick. Dammit! Just contradicted myself! Just... never mind." She leapt out of her chair, turning it around, and stood up. 

     She didn't see Nikki's almost frightened face or Dawn's facepalm. She didn't see Jessie taking out an iCoffin. She didn't see Danny's snicker behind her back.

     "HEY MAX!" Alexis shouted, trying not to fall off her chair. "YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND'S A HUNTRESS NOW! THAT'S ALL, AND HAVE A GOOD DAY, SIR!"

     Then a Veela tackle-hugged Max, knocking him to the ground. "Yes! Nikki's gone! You're my boyfriend now!" 

     Max forcefully pushed Rita off him. "You're kidding me–is this some kind of joke, dude? If it is, it's not funny. Cut it out." 

     Shakily, Nikki stood up. "It's true, Max. We're still friends, right?"

     It was the first time that day he saw her, and noticed the silvery glow, Max nodded slowly, hurt evident on his face. "Yeah.. we're still friends..." before sitting back down.

     "By the gods, Al, you can't just break the news to a returning student just like that," uttered a voice beside her.  Madi Olympus, daughter of Aphrodite had watched in some sort of horror. "And it's all over the Ghostly Gossip now!"

     "Doesn't matter to me, or you. Doesn't harm a single reputation,"

     "Except Nikki's"

     "Ah. Right. Good point."

     The bell rang for the end of lunch.


Dawn made her way to the forest by herself. Nyla was off annoying souls in Punishment, and Alexis was "off at the skatepark", probably filming a FrightTube video. The winter air was calm, cool, with a slight breeze that signified spring on her way. 

     And there he was, casually leaning against a tree, with a black hunt dog by his side. His eyes were a silvery grey, like the dark 'oceans' of the moon, his skin the colour of light brown earth. The slight breeze that signified spring on her way ruffled his red and purple streaked hair. He looked around sixteen or seventeen.

     The dog yapped. "Woah, Sirius! What's the matter, boy?" the young man knelt down, facing the dog.

     Sirius yapped again. "Woof!"

     "Talking to a dog, and expecting it to answer your questions?" Dawn walked over, placing her left hand on her hip. In her right, she held a bow. 

     "Question," he corrected, with a dorky grin. "But other than that, yes, I am!"

     Dawn tried not to giggle, with wasn't exactly correct Hunter of Artemis etiquette. 

     "Oh, forgot to mention. Hi. I'm Admon." Another dorky grin.


That night, Dawn went with her mother to glaze at the constellations. When Artemis pulled the chariot back to the forest, Dawn thought about the heroes and stories all in the constellations. 

     "I don't like Scorpius," she decided.

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Comment by Overlady Idiots [Zena] on March 20, 2012 at 10:38pm

Yes, it is epic!

Comment by Felica Fright on March 20, 2012 at 8:25pm

I know I read this in forums...but still love it! XD

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