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So it was just a typical day, hunting in the woods, until he saw her. With long brown hair the colour of milk chocolate tied into a simple ponytail, glowing with a somewhat silvery beauty, pale, long arms just like the moon, Orion had to blink twice until he could register the fact that he was just met by Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and Countess of the Moon.

     She glared at him for a few seconds with scorn–Artemis wasn't too big on boys–before lowing the silver bow she had in her hands. "So you're that hunter that everyone has been talking about," she muttered. He was handsome, no doubt, but he was a guy. Guys just weren't meant to be trusted, or even talked to. "Orion, isn't it?"

     "Yeah. Orion. That's me." He was struck dumb for a few seconds. Pull yourself together! he told himself. It's just another girl! Not exactly, it was Artemis, after all? Goddess of the Hunt, daughter of Zeus and Leto. Before he could say anything more, Sirius and Procyon barked out to him, reporting on their new prey. He hurried back to them.

     The next day, the same thing happened, only Artemis seemed to be less scornful. In fact, she admitted that she was impressed by his hunting skills. 

     After a week or so, the two were hunting together, joking and laughing every day. Sometimes, Leto joined them.

     "Y'know, give me a few days, I bet I could kill every single creature on this Earth!" he claimed. He didn't mean it seriously, naturally, which Artemis was aware of. She laughed and kissed him lightly on the cheek. 

     But oh, did someone take it seriously. The Earth herself, Gaea, listened to every single of those conversations. "Kill every single creature? No! It cannot be! He, Orion the Hunter, must be killed!" She plotted down to the last detail, but she just needed someone to carry her plans out, and who would be better than another one of the few men that Artemis trusted?

     Several months passed, and Apollo decided to visit his sister. Artemis introduced him to Orion, who seemed to be a nice person, but one part of Apollo's mind was stubborn. 

     Orion could not be trusted. He didn't like the idea that Artemis was spending time with him. Girls and women, went to the most ridiculous levels with love, and Artemis definitely, almost, certain, probably, definitely was in love with Orion. Artemis in love was one of the most unthinkable images ever. 

     When the Twin Archers were alone, Apollo confronted Artemis. "Why do you like him, anyway?"

     "He is heroic," Artemis replied firmly, leaving it at that.

     It was just him being the over-protective younger brother. He was sure of it. What else?

     Later that night, he spied on them, and found himself playing a serene song on his lyre. They were walking hand in hand, and seemed so perfect together, but why did he want to kill him so much? He turned, and let his lyre play on autopilot. 

     In his hand, Apollo clutched a golden bow and arrow. Tomorrow, he would kill this giant! Artemis wouldn't suspect a thing! It would go all perfectly! It had too. Or else. Or else what? Something, at least, something better.

     But Gaea had dulled the god's thoughts. It would all be set on killing Orion. 

     That night, Orion was hunting, when the faint click-clicking echoed through the woods. He cautiously took a few steps. 

     No one. 


     Until the scorpion. The meer sight of it, how gigantic it was, made even Orion shiver a bit. It turned its beady black eyes on the Hunter, and attacked. 

     Orion jolted up, relieved for it to be just a dream, but the part about the scorpion was real.     

     Yet, it wasn't just the scorpion. A faint figure was approaching. Orion recognised the hair like clean hay, but the eyes... the eyes weren't sparkling with jokes and laughter, instead hollows of madness. Apollo?

     With the speed and suddenness of lightning, the god shot an arrow at Orion. The scorpion wasn't much of an aid, either. The poison was already making its way around his body, and blood oozed from his chest in a continuous stream. 

     "Artemis... our daughter... favourite time of day..." With his last breath, he managed to choke out his last words. Seconds later, he was deadly still. Dead. 

     Instantly, Apollo let go of Gaea's charm. "Oh gods, what have I done?" he started to panic, placing a hand over his forehead. "Artemis, what would she say? Wait... did I just say 'oh gods'? I'm a god, so I'm talking to myself now! No! Why me?" 

     Just his luck, Artemis pulled it with her moon chariot. She leaped off it, forcefully pushed her younger twin brother aside, and bent over Orion's body. She took off, placing him in the night sky. Thoughtfully, she found his hunt dogs, Sirius and Procyon, looking for him, and placed them with him as Canis Major and Canis Minor, so they wouldn't have to look for their master forever. 

     Once back, she turned to her brother, a glare evident on her face. "It wasn't your fault, but you do realise what you have done, brother? So fast, that I couldn't run for his help in time."

     "Gaea killed him!" Apollo protested. "I was just a puppet!" 

     Artemis nodded understandably. 

     "But... wait!" Apollo's eyes turned a misty green, before fading back to blue. "This incident... would repeat itself... but with your own... bearing... wait.. this doesn't make sense!"

     The goddess' eyes grew wide. "Dawn?"

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