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Dawn of the Repaint-the story of Cuki and the Model Squad of Fashion Monster

With all the usual morning ruckus at Fashion Monster, the Model Squad prepares at the Paint station. Ghoulia first arrives after being hired by Ms. Barbara, meeting some of the others. Abigail, Bleu, Becca, and Gordon. Come to find that Cuki, who worked so hard to change her appearance to fit with the critics and latest trends, assumes she's to be replaced by the new girl, who uses no effort to her looks.

Shocked, and already worried of the new impression, Ghoulia gasps and worried of the fate of one of her idols, Cuki. Her dreams may have ended someone else's?

As Ghoulia finishes unpacking and as others prepare for their photo shoots, Cuki waits at the Paint Station in her very first outfit. Waiting for her father, Cookie Monster, to come pick her up, she stares and tries to gather herself as Ms. Barbara shows up.

"Now why are you here? Aren't you due for your shoot of the week?" The forty-five year old asked. She gave a childish pout as she acknowledged Cuki's belongings surrounding her. "Now what's this? Don't tell me you're leaving us, are you?" She laughed. "Very unprofessional to leave without a two-week notice, unless a recall."

"I'm just not for you and Ms. Jole's business. I saw you got someone new to replace me. She doesn't even have to work to look like she does."
"True..." She said. "But what is the Fashion Monster Motto?"

"To be a Monster, is..."
"Is to be true. Cuki, many normies like Fashion Monster, and others, cause we're different. We prefer difference, and unique. Pride, and acceptance, within ourselves. It's what makes people, and Monsters, truly beautiful and amazing. Living art."

"I know you have changed yourself. And to be honest, I hired Ghoulia, to give you a boost. A fire under the butt per se." Cuki stared, confused, then Ghoulia came over.
Due to us Normies-here's the Zombie translation>>
(("You really thought I was here to take your job?"))
Cukie stared in silence. (("I couldn't replace you. I came here BECAUSE of you.")) She stared. Ghoulia simply smiled and Ms. Barbara cut in.

"I feel we all need a little pick me up. Who's ready for a new look?" She held out a brush from the paint station. Cuki wanted to cry. It's been forever since she's had her original look. Could she pull off her no attachments and no makeup and no facial work worth hours?

After all the work of fitting in, could she go with her original Cookie Monster family traits? Will Fashion Monster have a technically new face?

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