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Tuesday 10-4-11 5:21      Abbey Fang's dairy           


Hey dairy it's me Abbey fang! Omg i just started writeing in pink! Pretty!!!!! Now purple yay! Okay enough of that. Wel today was okay. Write now ima eating McCreep's Scary meal! AKA(McDonalds happy meal)  yea and my sis had to go to the docters to get her heaing test and her seeing test done. We had like no recess tday though so pretty much school was so boring! Well there is a pic on MONSTER HIGH faceboo page! I think you might want to take a look! Man i wish i could see Harry Potter movie 2night! Well also it's like 3rd grade all over again well you know in my other dairy entrys it says i hav my 2 worst enemys in me class well they were spying on me! I called them a rabie squaril and screamed! But then jason was like back off and we were like no and then he like do you want to get hurt if not back away and im like then stop spying on us u lil rabies squarrils! and then i was like to me friend meadow when they left i said hey lets spy on them and ee how they like it and they were like so afraid us for real and seeingthem scream like ghouls were so funny! They r so mean they made me cry last year! Plus the shoved me in a puddle!



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Comment by Devilina Flame on October 7, 2011 at 2:59pm

cool but sad! :( how do you write in pink and purple?


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