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Okay this is really late in posting, my first one for part 4 evidently did not get approved. Neddless to say no big loss, it did not have any progress pics anyway. On to this week!

Over the past 2 weeks I have been ill and had family obligations that needed attending to so comparitively I got very little done on the overall project. What I do have done gives the witch characters something to stand on (their shoes). Here are the pics of them.

 The classic shoe that I drew became a funky lace bootie to mix hard and soft ideals. Here is another view of them.

 The lily sculpt on the heels is intended for the inside of the shoe.







Enough with the witch of the west's shoes, I also got the shoes for the good witch done. Here are their pics. 

 Here they are straight on. I put rinestones on them to glitz them up a bit and like her hat the uppers are made of vinyl that has been painted with glitter paint. Here is a side view.

The bases seemed a bit bland once I got the glitter paint onto the uppers, so I painted them as well. It makes them so sparkley and more bubble like.

Aside from the shoes, I got the hat bands for the evil witch and the scarecrow done. Not much to say about them, they were store bought hats, I just gussied them up a bit. Here they are.

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