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Conquering Oz: Part 3 - A flying jacket

Okay, I am a bit more on track this week. (Thank you snow days!) This week I worked on getting the jacket for the Flying Monkey done. I even took some tastfully artsy pictures of the pieces I got done. Here are the pictures.

This is the leash chain necklace that I made for the Monkey character.


Then here is the jacket with the dyed wings attached. The wings are wired together for stability.

Here is a front view of the jacket. The red details are embroidery that I did by hand.

I like how the wings for this turned out. They really emulate how the wings looked in the original movie. All, dark and dusky; then fading to a pale blue.

Since I have this part done, now I just need to do the shirt, pants, finish the boots, and do the face up then I can say the Flying Monkey Doll for this project is done. One little problem, I am a bit burned out on the Monkey.

Solution: I have cut out the shirt, pants, jacket (all for the Scarecrow), and the top of the evil witch's dress as distractions. I do have the shirt and pants cut out for the Monkey as well (just in case).

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Comment by Gabby Goyle (2) on March 6, 2013 at 1:42pm

Thank you very much.

Comment by Emily** on March 6, 2013 at 1:28pm


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