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Catty Noir SDCC Monster High Friday Doll Reveal

Catty Noir is the Monster High doll reveal on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con SDCC.  Monster High dolls are by Mattel Toys.  Catty Noir is a new Monster High character dolls for 2013.  Catty Noir is a Friday the 13th doll, and she is a pop star. In the Friday the 13th theme, she has a broken mirror pattern on her dress, and the number 13 on her chest.

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Comment by i^D on July 20, 2013 at 3:17am

Pink overload ugh. So much potential, but no. It's a pop star. :(

I wish they had given her long, rooted whiskers and yellow eyes with black hair, a black nose, and black lips. And instead of being a entertainer, she could have been a witchy character like Kendra from the movie "Beastly".

With all this dratted pink girly-ness, why don't they just put a Barbie doll in a Monster High box already. Just go ahead, cut to the chase. They're just doing it by degrees, sucking all the fun, uniqueness, and magic out of Monster High and replacing it with dull, marketing boringness.

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