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I went to Target tonight and got myself a Lagoona Blue doll. She's standing right next to me with her stand. :)

She's very pretty!

I got her first because my favorite color was blue and I always thought her character was cute and pretty.


The only real visible flaws I see if that her eyes don't look aligned right and the  makeup seems a little off. The left eye's glitter is a little higher than her actual eye.

The clothes seem pretty perfect.


I can't seem to move her right arm though. I might have to take her hoodie off and see that the problem is. I'm afraid of breaking her though.

I also bought the Frankie plush doll as well.


I have pictures of my purchases but don't have them on my computer yet. I can't wait to get more dolls! :)

Once I move to Nevada, I see myself buying a new bookshelf for these dolls. :D

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Comment by Hearty Tarts on April 20, 2011 at 2:27pm

I'm totally going to get more dolls when I have the money, Breanna! :3 This was one of those "I really shouldn't get this yet, I'm so down on money but omg I'm going to anyway!" type of buying situations, hah! ;>>


Aah, I see. \: I'll look into seeing if I can loosen her sleeve instead then. I don't want to ruin her. ;;

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