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Tribecca flew on her broom well texting.Its a record for her to break.Birds Airplanes.Yes Slowpokes.She rode like the breeze.Well she was in the breeze.She had curled her Purple hair.It didnt flow beautifuly as it did before, but to her change was good.As she slowly landed on monster high grounds she overheard something that would change her life, forever.I heard Axela is a new ghoul here!axela the Boggart.Boggart's could tell your fear and ship shape into them.Or make your dreams a nightmare.She could get inside your head and make your visions your fears.She was at a private school once.Nice and sweet.But when she got a B- she went crazy.The School set on fire as she drove away on her move day.With a evil grin on her face a man  screamed like a girl and car went buzerc.But safely hit a lamppost then kept on going nice and easy."Hello."Tribecca turned around.Uh oh."Tribbeca you haven't changed abit."There Axela was.She had long flowing black hair, a skirt with animal tides and a short sleve top with a tiger on it.Her boots had A-z letters on the heals.Her face was half pale and half normal.She floated a few inches off the ground."What no welcome?"She said.Tribecca and Axela hugged but Tribecca couldnt't tell her.The Secret that was locked with the key necklace on Axela's neck."How goes it?"Tribecca asked."Well you know."Suddenly she turned into a Bat and nearby boy screamed crazy."The usual." She finished as she turned back and the crazy guy stoped screaming."Well School isn't on today."She said."But its Monday."Tribecca  said."wait one second." she walked away and came back 5 minutes later.The screech  of the big microphone came on:"Um Students a er Demon is lose in the school go home as soon as possible.BEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.."The Microphone screeched off."I got my ways."She said.



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