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Note to self, DON"T scare the Ker cross. Very bad results.

As always being myself, I decided to scare a poor ghoul, I sadly chose the wrong victim, miss Astraera. At the time I did not know she was part Ker and part fury, a mistake I quickly learned. As always I just stood there like a statue when she walked by, I did a very good sounding Banshee screech... Okay I may be made of stone, but dagger heals on certain parts of a male hurts still! What happen after that was slightly blurry, but Archie, the little rat who ran for it when she reacted told me what happen.

After that I decided a walk was needed, as sore as it was. Being a prankster can be a deadly job, and being a Angel doesn't help the matters either. 

With the people fearing that I will send them back in time and such, pranks end badly at times. I guess that's what being what I am does to people.... Ugh, Cheshira found out my I-coffin number, must replace that, don't need a billion text from the stalker, what is it with her thing about this 'Con' anyway?

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Comment by QueenHeny The Serial Doll Killer on February 14, 2014 at 10:12pm

Okay, I will add another part soon XD

Comment by Cleo De'Nile on February 14, 2014 at 3:36pm

That is a cliffhanger! I want to read more! So intresting!

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