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I went to Target again as the dolls are pretty cheap there and found me a Clawdeen for once. :)


I didn't even get her out of the package before her arm had come off. \: I'm not sure what it up with the way they put these dolls together. I can't even really pose her like she is on the back of the box which is something I want to do with the basic dolls. The arms won't bend very well. ):

I'm still happy I got Clawdeen though, she isn't easy to find! Her DotD self was there too. I'm not sure if I should start getting the DotD sets or just keep getting the basic dolls first as there is the GB set too.. >:


So much to choose from...

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Comment by Raven on April 28, 2011 at 1:43am
Oh I know how you are feeling! My Clawdeen's arm doesn't stay on very well either and my Frankie DotD hand doesn't move. But those are the only two problems I have and I have all of the dolls.
Comment by VampyNapy on April 28, 2011 at 1:00am
Hahaha I remember when I first got my first MH doll it was Clawdeen also, got her for 16.99 in Nov/Dec right before XMAS and then I found Frankie and Draculaura right after.

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