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Allie Envade

Daughter of the Alien

Age- 150 (I will always be 15 at heart!)


Killer Style- I love to wear exotic clothing, sorta Harujuku style!! :) My skin marks on my face resemble Katy Perry in her music video for "E.T." Actually, she did take makeup advice from me, but I guess that she didn't know that my face marks wasn't  my makeup. :P 


Freaky Flaw- I can float objects with my mind. I look like humans, and we have the same brain. But us aliens have accomplished all the abilities with our brains, than humans and other monsters. They (humans and monsters) just need to learn the full capacity of their brains.


Favorite Food/ Color-

Color- Aquamarine

Food- I do not actually eat, but I am a type of alien that feeds on Auras.


Biggest Pet Peeve- When they freaky weird people think that I'm going to abduct them or "probe them".


Favorite Activity- Mom is trying to teach me how to drive a UFO. It is fun and challenging at the same time. :)


Pet- A baby calf named Nebula. My dad was teaching me how to lift things into our flying saucer, and I didn't know that I had picked up the cutest baby cow ever!! <3


Friends-  Atlanta Wave, Poppy Poltergeist, and Maggie Emperor


Fave School Subject- Mad Science. I love mixing and making crazy potions! 


Least Fave School Subject-  Ge-ogre-phy. I'm an alien, I have to learn about all the different places "abduct people"... Hehe

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