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Not like this entry needed to be written, but I felt why not explain myself.

There is a very large misconception going on with mostly new folks and younger users... and it seems to be a blanket thing.. that I am in fact a mean person, and a mean mod.

I'm not. What I AM is strict and a bit frank.

Let me break that down a little.

I am strict I can see that but if I wasn't strict and let a lot of folks sneak by with things, then all chaos would break out in chat and no one would take me seriously or expect to get away with everything with me, and other Mods. They'd hide behind me because "Oh Joker is here I'm safe she'll protect me."

I like the rules (even if there is many) to be followed because it keeps the peace, it makes things easier for both new and old members. I'm aware the rules look all sorts of long but they're really not.

When I wrote the rules I felt it was a wise choice to explain each one as well, so if there is a rule written you will get an explanation AND an example with it, which gives it a huge look. I felt if we included the why and example it'd show people what not to do and it'd also let them know WHY it's a rule, so that there would be no confusion and no need for us to explain each rule when we corrected/warned someone on it.

So in that respect, I am not being mean when I'm asking you to please type out your words, or please don't discuss personal drama. I do care, but it's just not appropriate for the chat room.

Now the second point, about being frank..

Someone who is frank if you don't know is someone who will tell it like it is, just how it is, they're not going to sugar coat it and they're not going to dance around the issue, if you've done something wrong or if something is not up to par, they'll just tell you, because why make a dance of it, it does nothing for both of you.

I'm that person. I feel that members here in this chat room are of age (as ya'll are supposed to be 13+) to handle honest and truth. I don't think it's fair or even right for me to have to talk down to you or explain to you in a child like way what you did was wrong, or if something isn't appealing. I'm not going to go out of my way to be sweet if it's wrong, as in I won't be like "oh sweety, maybe you should not do that?" or "do you really thing that's a good idea?" If you did something wrong or created something I see that isn't up to par with something I know you're able to do? I'll tell you very simply, "I don't think it's very good, maybe try _____ here."

If you ask me a question about something that I don't want to be a part of, I'll just say yes or no... but without tone in a text based room does come off as blunt, but really... there are worse out there on the internet so a little exposure will not hurt, and will in fact prepare you for the rest of the internet.

I've always been a firm believer in treating people, no matter their age, as adults, and no matter their age, as they present themselves... if you find I'm treating you like a child, you might need to reevaluate how you're presenting yourself on-line, usually for me to wander from my "treat all like adults" means you've presented yourself so much in a way that subconsciously I've perceiving you as unable to handle being treated like an adult, or anyone above the age of 3.

In the end all that really matters is this... I'm a Mod who enforces the rules for well being of the chat room, I tend to be sarcastic at times, but in general I'm not a mean person I do not pick on people, and I just tend to be rather frank/blunt about how I speak to people.

I expect the most of the young people that come here, because I have faith in them as a generation to be the most, please don't prove me wrong.

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