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Girls Dressup

In this school year, my class has a new comer. She is so special and make all members of my class surprised. Not because she is so beautiful but because of the way she dresses up. They are not expensive clothes but they are unique and impressive, they make her very attractive, they make most of people have to look at her when she goes through.

Fortunately, she is arranged a seat next to me by the teacher and I have chance to make friend with her and find out the secret in her style. That makes me very interesting. She is more friendly than I imaged. She shared with me a lot of her hobbies, and we have many similarities in interests. Hence, we rapidly become best friends and join in numerous activities together. However, I was still curious about the costumes she wears, they are not same with ones I saw in shops. I wondered how she could make them different but I was a little shy to ask her directly.

One day, I was allowed to invite her to come my house and have dinner with my family at the weekend. She was very polite and friendly so my mother liked her very much. While my mother prepared dishes, I took her to my room and introduced her toys as well as my hobbies in the free time. Suddenly, she asked me if I played online games or not. I explained that my mother only allowed me to play the games which were good for my studying or entertaining only, not violent games or games which were easy to be addicted like action games. She smiled and said that she usually played dress up games and they were totally not harmful. And they were reason how to make her style different from others.

Only by searching Google, I would find dozen types of dress up games. She advised that I should choose some games having costumes and characters which were close to our life and the most important thing is that they should be suitable with me. After that, I noticed to costumes combinations as well as accompanied accessories. I had to save some sets I like and found them at the shops. It is not necessary to buy expensive ones but the way we make them become special and unique. She told that sometimes, when she bought clothes, she would have some ways to make them different by sawing more patterns or combining with handmade accessories. Besides, she said that I also noticed my hairstyles when dressing up, they should be match with clothes we dress up and they will make us prominent. Hats, shoes, bags are the essential accessories I should have in my wardrobe.

Finally, I couldn’t realize myself in mirror, so impressive. I knew her secret and it is very simple when we notice and we really want ourselves to become more beautiful. And now, she and I have a same hobby and share it everyday. It is dress up game.

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