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Wow. It's been, like forever since I've updated on this Blog.

I dunno what to really say, but to give a little of my "Site Status", or whatever you want to call it.

December was my 'Mod-aversery', so now I've been a Moderator here for TWO years! Eeep! I love Modding here and working with some fabulous co-mods! :D

In August, I will have been here for three years, since joining in 2010. This site have somewhat improved since I joined, and it's gotten more popular!!

A little update on my personal collection; currently I have all the dolls that are released, most in storage boxes and some on display.

Uhm... So that's about it! I'm gonna post a FAQ when my characters come out, so you'll know more about them!

Keep Calm and Fly On,

Gazzy <3

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Comment by Kayle Bieber on April 5, 2013 at 8:54am

Hi I like your picture for your profile and T cannot wait for the FAQ to come out.I am so excited

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