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Undercover Monster


Axela looked at her parents as if they were phsycos. 

"You can't force me to do it!" she said feeling the purple sleve wrist. "Honey, we won't force you!" Her mom said a little scared."They will."She said pointing at the two Gargoyle Guards at her bedroom door."Humph!" Axela said stomping her foot."They don't want ME they want me for what I can DO!"She rolled her eyes.

One of the gargoyles turned his head to speak. "Can you make this quick we got things to do,…


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Note: This is a book written by Shani Petroff

"You're evil!"

Okay, I know that's not the nicest way to speak to your mother, but believe me-she deserved it.

For mouths-five of them to be exact-I had begged to go to Mara's Daughters concert. They're 110 percent the coolest indie band ever, and they were actually going to play in my little podunk of a town.Why they'd come to Goode, Pennsylvannia, was beyound me,but, hey, I wasn't complaining.That concert was the…


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My Story:The Skeleton Princess

As easy as you might find it, my parents are Royalty.Queen Elizabite and king Bloodthur wanted to share there love with me.Odd as it is my vampire parents found out they were haveing not a vampire girl but a skeleton."oh my dear lord."she said and fainted.People say that Blackbloods ( Bluebloods are rich people like from the movie penelope trailer - YouTube) shouldnt have black hair.Yes we all had Black hair.I wore a blond wig,…


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AXELA.The Scariest of them all.

Tribecca flew on her broom well texting.Its a record for her to break.Birds Airplanes.Yes Slowpokes.She rode like the breeze.Well she was in the breeze.She had curled her Purple hair.It didnt flow beautifuly as it did before, but to her change was good.As she slowly landed on monster high grounds she overheard something that would change her life, forever.I heard Axela is a new ghoul here!axela the Boggart.Boggart's could tell your fear and ship shape into them.Or make your…


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Why Ghouls fall in love!

Just saw it because i recorded it!Loved my Valentines day!I give this movie.... 10 scales up.Out of ten. <3 <3.Tell me if i gave you advice for anything would you listen.I'm the ghoul at school with advice.Now tell me.Comment bellow..I also got ur perfect party plans, also i did decorate my friends wedding for the future.Plus one thing didnt get about the movie!Why did Valentine collect brocken hearts?Why did he want Draculauras full?


Love:WeNdY WiTcH

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Alice chain Contest

Like my 2 Alice Chain Blogs ( or 3 blogs ) and comment for ideas and ill use it. Like say: Do vampires chewing gum to hide their fangs and they blow big bubbles! ( i  will be doing it )So stuff like that.You might win, ur ideas in my book in real life.

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Alice Chain and the book of tricks : Interduction

Alice Chain is an Ordinary Girl, Who is raised by her Aunt and Uncle and lives in the brocken down shed in thier backyard with her pet bunny Mr.Nibbles.But she's no ordinary girl like Sophie a girl who she talks to constantly and Sophie hates her. ( Alice thinks she is her friend ) But ignores and pretends to listen.She's a wizard!Who just started to attend Flinnagon.A School out of many for Whitches, Worlocks and Wizards.First year isn't going to be normal.Vampire froom Wextioning and for…


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Alice Chain. And the book of tricks.

chapter 1 page 1 and 2                         

It was different.Different from any other night.Not different as in Weird or strange.That would be inspicable!The subject matter is good or fantastic.But it depends on who youre talking about...If you travel 8 miles from ;';';';';';' and hit the middle ride way before rush hour an hit the middle of ';';';'; an .,.,.,.,.,.You'll enter a town whitch is always forgotton,that you'll think you're lost and turn around.Livington street takes…


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Icky Pertrowski

Hihi mates!Well i was taling about my creation ( visit my page to learn more ) Icky Pertrowski ( A.k.A me ) And she has a story.To learn her story read tower of terror part 1,2 and 3.Thanks an have any ideas for her tell me!bye!

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Tower of Terror part 3

Seemed like a world untouched from her little lab window back at the lab.A thing where she had moved from into a dormatory in a werewolf neighboorhood.It was never quiet on a full moon.But now it was was a full moon an the werewolfs were crying a painful voice, not  like the ones she ever heard.The black person who spun around the room, looked like a dementor.But now it looked like a boy with leather on with a hood.Same age as Icky."Hello...."saidhim."Wh wh who are you."Icky said…


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Tower of Terror part 2

It was like a gate to heaven was carrying her because no rain or lightning ( maybe a lil bit of it ) was touching her.As soon as the clouds of heaven were in reach,she swirled around repeatedly.She soon dropped as fast as a raindrop but not as fast as lightning.A tower lay in the middle of Creakle Creek Forest.  -_-  She Slowly lay there in the middle of the room, on a pillow an blanket.Her eyes slowly fluttered open.She leaned forward.A person in black ran fast around the room.It was like…


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Tower of Terror

She lie on the floor talking like an idiot."No,No dont hold on!"Icky was twiching like every nerve needed to dance.Uncle Viktor and aunt Viveka held on to her tight with cousin Frankie calling the peremetics.Icky's eyes fluttered open as fast as the lightning went outside the lab."NOO!"Icky said almost screaming."It's okay sweety it's okay..."Anut Viveka pulled the hair out her face trying to keep the calm mood on.The rain outside started to smooth,but then got faster an faster and…


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Youtube Review

Ok hihi!Search "Beastly an the Beauty" on youtube ( there are 3 parts to it )It's freaky fabulous!Best thing i've ever seen on youtube monster high!!!

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Twilight Zone,.,

Please on New years day add my group: Twilight Zone,., ( after zone put comma,period.comma, )

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