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rosalina jane (Luka)
  • Female
  • Waldorf, MD
  • United States

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ROSALINE JANE look in my bio 4 info

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At 5:08pm on August 1, 2012, Fem! China(Miki sf-a2) said…

Hi! :)

At 3:17pm on April 13, 2012, clawdeen wolf said…

hey how u doin?

At 4:44pm on August 9, 2011, ♫♪Flaming Cat x3♪♫ said…
Your Pony Form of Rosalina Jane will be here soon. Sorry for such a wait of months!
At 4:23pm on May 23, 2011, Kat Rina said…
Hi I promised you to do your character and I'm working on it just I'm busy and I have many request sorry if it takes long but you'll have her draw promise!
At 8:02pm on March 1, 2011, Jade Oynx said…
killer bio, i love it
At 6:50am on February 24, 2011,
not a cat
cool character. i like that she is half werewolf and half vampire. thats really cool. :D
At 9:55pm on February 23, 2011, Harriet Harper gave rosalina jane (Luka) a gift
At 9:40pm on February 23, 2011,
Harriet Harper
Hey Rose love the bio on your new charecter

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name:rosalina jane


monster parnets:vampire(mom),werewolf(dad) werid right

freakie style:black hoodies,black pants,black boots,fingerless gloves,black and red hair,dont have to worry about werewolf fur get most traits from mom,got snake bits

pet:wolf with wings-smegal

freakie flaw:i have to deal with werewolf ears and cant go out in the sun

fav color:black and red

fav food:steak and blood srry draculuara

pet pevee:being a halfbreed cant go with other full werewolf or vampire things

fav activy:i love listing to tunes and hanging out

fav subjet:gym get to show off my skills

least fav subjet:i ditch all the others

bffs:mostly everyone who dosnt judge me and wount talk about u in bad way



Name:Darkness Thunder


Age:1399 same b day as rose 

Freakie style:i have black tees and red pants i got black boots and  i got snake bits and fringer less gloves got long hair 4 a dude and its black

Pet:i have a bat that loves anything i do name is Mistake

Freakie flaw:cant go out in the sun

fav color:black and red

fav activtty;hangin with friends

Pet pevve:when Rose get mad at me so cant deel because then i have no umbralla abd have t go 2 night classes

fav subject:study howl dont have 2 do anything

least fav subject:i ditch others with rose ecpet she loves gym

Fav food:blood

Bffs:all the people who dont judge


name:jessica joker

age:dont rember

parents:the joker

style:black shirt,shorts,boots

 pet:a owl

 flaw:my jelwery says to be stolen

fav activy:lister to music

pet pevve: being called janie

Fav subject:gym

Least fav:potions 101

Fav food:pizza




Name:Chandler Jane


Age:1400 year older than my sis Rosalina Jane

Parntes:Werwolf(dad) Vampire (mom)

Killer style:skater long hair blond,black pants,black and red shrits,werewolf ears,skate shoes

Pet:wolf named sam

Freakie flaw:same as rosa

Fav activty:skatebroading

PPet pevve:when people say me and rosa should go out

Fav subjet:NONE

Least fave subjet:ALL

Fav color:blue,purple

Fav food:blood

Bffs:anyone who doesnt hurt my family


Name:Darkness Jane


Parnts:Werwolf (dad) vampire (mom)

Killer style:Purple short slevee shrit and red shies and black pants and werewolf ears

Freakie flaw:my hair being all over the place

Pet:i share a wolf with my little brother and sisters

Fav activty:Playing with my friends

Pet pevee:When Rosalina gets in troble and cleo

Fav subjet:Potion 101

Least fav subject:study howl

Fav food:furits

Fav color:dark colors



Name:Nikki White


Parnts:White Queen

Killer Style:With my white hair with blue streaks,my knee high black and red dress,black and red boots,and dark make-up with the little black hat the hatter made for mom but she gave to me

Freakie flaw:I take after my aunt the Red Queen with my carefree attudite

Pet:A dog named spot

Fav activty:hanging out with my friends

Pet pevee:Everyone thinging im as nice as my mom

Fav subject:Study Howl get to get my homework done

Lest fav subject:Potions 101

Fav food:i love the differnt items wonderland has to offer

BFFS:Rosalina Jane,Darkness Thunder, and many more


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