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                Well a little bit about me, I'm just another a guy, who I grew up in a dangerous neighborhood, no surprise there -_-. I'm search for a girl, who can understand me and really not mess with my head, someone kind and really active a lot as well, but I think I found her though lol. I'm a video game freak you say lol and I like anime a lot as well..... My favorite anime would have to be Bleach, Fate/stay night, Fairy tail, One Piece, and Black Rock Shooter.....What else can I say, I'm a nice guy, always looking for friends, all are welcome by the way and anyone can ask me anything you like. I'm a shy guy even though I can be confident as well. I make youtube videos although not that great since still new to the idea even up to these day. I make walkthroughs working on doing some commentary someday and looking for some advice in doing them. My inspiration into doing funny videos is Pewdiepie, he's another guy who does really awesome commentary videos about horror games. I'm learning how to draw manga/anime style I still suck XD. Also will hopefully soon be learning 3D animation I hope....I'm trying to get myself into writing and practicing how to play the guitar, but it's difficult to do everything at once, so I'm trying to take it step by step. I still don't know how to play the guitar, but maybe soon I will. You may ask anything you like whether it's asking for advices or wanting to be friends whatever you like it doesn't hinder me. That's really about it unless I don't know myself and forgot something about me XD........


I honestly thought things would go smoothly, but everything changed,

Because of that one change, life isn't the same anymore. You ask yourself why did it had to change and then before you know it, it just brings you doubts in you. You start to feel a certain way then want to escape it. You grow tired of it.... trying your best to surpass everything, but in the end your left with a question at the end of your journey that starts a new journey. What is change and how does it effect me is my journey. So far I've been effected negatively. I grew doubts, I grew jealousy as well growing anger. -sigh- I can't control these feelings because in the end it would lead me to being depressed and I'm not the type to really feel this way in fact I'm not really even the type to even be jealous, nor angry, but now when you live under everything that's different it's starts getting hard for you to keep moving forward and you start to give up little by little. I have that one motivation and well believe or not she's the only one that's really made me happy. Even things seems rough and when things seems awful. She's the only one and only for me and I wonder if she feels the same way about me? Probably not... I don't know. The thing is I want to be a great boyfriend to her. I've seen boys treat girls like shit and I'm not ok with that. To be girls are these beautiful beings that should be treated right and that's how I'm going to treat my girlfriend right. I don't want to lose her and I want to make her feel like she's lucky to have me because I know I am lucky to have a special person like her. I went off topic I'm sorry I guess I think about my girl friend too much hehe... anyways yeah, change is something hard to live by, but the sad truth is we have to do it anyways.

Poem #1

The Bit Of Light That Exist

-The fogs covering my path, 

-The clouds blacking the sun,

-Leaving nothing, but pure darkness and despair,

-I walk an endless path searching for a sign of hope in the air,

-But the more I walk the more I find myself in a maze full of chaos and sorrow,

-I thought I can try to change the world,

-But I'm no saint and I know that, just another human being,

-The more I walk the more the light disappears being consumed by darkness,

-No matter the case I still walk with a smile,

-But then I met you,

-You gave me the greatest gift of all,

-To always have faith,

-I started to think of you as an angel sent by heaven,

-Walking with you by your side makes me feel like there's still some light that exist in this world,

-The light that shines heavily is you,

-Whenever we talk I can feel the light within you,

-Whenever you share your love to people and show that you care the light spreads more and more,

-The more we walk the more I can see the sun shining through the clouds of darkness,

-You are my light that I want to be with.


Poem #2

I Know.....

-I know I can't grant people's wishes/dream,

-I know I can't be the one people wants to be there for,

-I know I'm not a saint,

-I know I'm not perfect,

-I know I can't heal people's wounds nor take the sadness away,

-I know I can't be an angel nor an archangel for that matter,

-I know I can't change the world in a blink of an eye,


-I know I'm a great friend to all,

-I know I'm generous and creative,

-I know I'm imaginative and adventurous,

-I know I can be very determine and also friendly,

-And most importantly,

-I know I'm always going to be there for my anyone who need my help.


 Poem #3

Who I am

-I want to fortify myself more.
-I want to accumulate my emotion and keep the stable.
-I want to generate people's dreams and imaginations,
-I want to utilize everything I have to help others,
-I know I'm not the perfect being on this planet,
-Nor am I god or an angel,
-I am however a human being who can envision a dream that I have in mind,
-I want to revitalize myself to become more than I am now,
-I know I will come across having to make decisions at times,
-And I know I the repercussions when making decisions can be heavy,
-But I have no fear, even if the night is very dark, morning will still come,
-I'm going to embrace everything I love,
-I will not fall nor will I give up,
-I will amplify my weaknesses to establish them as my strength,
-I might not even be what people had hope for,
-I am someone who strive to meet people's expectation.


Poem #4

Ok so this poem is not meant for anyone nor is anything special just really uhh stupid reason actually XD I got into it lol

The Inner Feeling From Me To You

-My love for you is as strong as the sun,
-You make my soul wild whenever you are around,
-Whenever you walk around a dead place, you make it so it comes to life,
-You are my star I look at in the sky,
-You are as beautiful as the blue sea,
-Your calm and wonderful voice echoing through my ears, giving me hope,
-When you are here with me my heart dances with joy,
-Sometimes I want to embrace you and not let go,
-Whenever you spend time with me, you make all the troubles go away,
-Whenever our hearts meet I feel like every second of my life that goes by is important when it's with you,
-You are what makes me a better person inside,
-You are the piece that's missing in my heart,
-It's time I give you the same thing you've given me and more.......

P.S this poem was never intended for anyone just thought of it out of no where XD


Poem #5

I Love You


-I love the way you always talk to me making my heart always comfort with ease,

-I love the warm hugs you give, always smiling to me with inner joy,

-I love the voice you whisper in my ears whenever you always say "I love you",

-I love the beauty you hold within you, always sharing your kindness and care to me,

-I love the wonderful person you hold, whenever I talk to you, you make me feel special,

-I love the time we always spend talking together,

-I love the smiles you always have,

-I love the heart, care you give to other and the kindness you show to me,

-I love the time you always give to me and the feelings you have for me,

-but most importantly,

-I love you


Advice #1

So what do people think about when they're in a relationship? Relationship is another way of having two people express themselves towards each other, but some people sees it as a joke :I. Relationship is really more than just expressing yourself to someone it's a time to show how you feel, how the other person can be trusted, how one should behave, and the maturity level. Of course you should always have fun with whoever you are with, but if you are that one that breaks people's heart then I say you better change your attitude and the way you are. About relationships I always hear people breaking other hearts or acting retarded to the one they love/like and breaking up with them as if they don't care. It's really retarded for them to do. I say for the people who has their heart broken you should move on, stay positive always don't let someone who treated you wrong bring you down. Always remember that some times when you are in a break up remember one thing do you deserve to be with a jerk or do you deserve to be with someone better. Never let someone bring you down if they're not worth it. You should always keep moving forward no matter what and believe me no matter how badly things may seem there will always be someone perfect out there for you, but it depends if you are willing to reach out for them. Don't hesitate and don't get upset nor mad because it's not worth it. Remember don't give the person too, too much unless you know yourself that, that person deserves it and always remember to put a smile on when things seems rough. :) 


Advice #2


Life can be very difficult at times because of various reasons. Love, friends, family, jobs, homes, etc....Sometimes you are given to choices whether to keep moving on or stay and stand your ground until something happens. Quiet frankly either or sounds like a hard thing to do. When you move on, you still think about it in your mind and sometimes, while moving on you just say to yourself "I wish I can go back and change things". Sometimes when you stand your ground what i mean by that is keep waiting till something good happens may not always be the best solution because you may wait for something good to happen, however what's the point in continuing waiting for something to happen if or you are doing is just waiting for nothing. It's sometimes best to keep yourself from thinking of all the negativity. It's not to say I'm right or anything it's just something to think about. Life can be a burden sometimes the person you love may not be happy and you tend to try to make them feel special and comfortable, but it's just not working. The best thing to do is to give them space a bit you don't want to keep trying over and over only to end up making a problem. It's rough it really is especially when it comes to break ups where he broke up with her or she broke up with him. Then after that they go to their friends and ask for help. We've all gone through it and sometimes it sucks because you really had high hope in the relationship, but only for it to get shot down is when it really hurts. Sometimes in life when it comes to break ups the best solution is to try your best to move on. Easier said than done I know that, but no one said life was easy. Think about it if life was easy then what would be the point. No one would learn anything and in life it's really all about learning how to develop yourself and use that to better yourself. In my opinion when they break up with you in a hard way it's for the best to just let it be because you never know what their reasons might be, but you don't want to look obsessive over the person nor do you want to have that one main person who broke up with you be the only one for you. If your together then yeah you can say he/she is the one for you depending how you feel, but in a break up you just can't say that no more. When in a break up I always say this but don't let someone bring you down when they break up. Always remember that there's always someone out there for you and who knows maybe the person who broke up with you might reconsider and give you another chance or may even want to be with you again, but remember to always think hard about that before running to them with open arms. Even though life has a lot of downside to it there are of course some good side to it like of course being in a relationship and having that person love you and you love them back. Also having friends who really cares about you and not for what you are. I can't stress this enough to always no matter what always always be yourself rather than being something you are not. You can't impress people just by being a something you are not and you might say yes you can, Well think hard about that before doing it because really if you think about it the people you impress might like you for who you are not rather than who you are. In situations like this you also tend to have some friends not like you as a friend because they see the difference in you.Stay positive, be positive, and whatever happens always and always put a smile on even in situations where it might seem rough. Always put a smile on because when you do the pain won't feel as worse as it will be and if you see that you can't try to think about positive things, think about the things you have now like friends, family, your lover and or the things that happened to you that's good. Enjoy life because you only life once, make sure you make it count....


Nameless Story


                I looked everywhere only to see nothing but utter chaos. I looked right to left turning my head like a madman seeing destroyed buildings, cars on fire, and blood scattering everywhere. I kept walking forward slowly in doubt.

“Will I survive?” I said quietly under my breathe.

                I was in nothing, but doubt and I couldn’t seem to fortify my thought correctly. When I looked back I saw Terry Park; a park that I used to go when I was with my friends and family. Now they’re all gone because of me. I thought if I survived maybe I can redeem myself, but the more I think about it the more useless I become. I started hear growling noise.

“Oh no, is if those creeps again?” I said in a panic

                Three monsters started to creep out of the shadows, crawling to me, with hunger. I raise to my sword I obtained from my older ready to kill. The more they got closer the more I kept lowering my sword.

“Give up make it easier for yourself. You can’t escape the inevitable” A voice echoed in my head.

“B-but” I said with hesitation.  

                When I heard the voice I dropped my sword and was on my knees. The three monsters jump to me as I put my arms up and closed my eyes.

“I guess this is all I can do…”  I said

                I heard the noise of slashing and blood scattering. I opened my eyes only to see a girl with a blade standing in front of me. I couldn’t see her face as she had her back facing me. I couldn’t move nor do anything as I was still paralyze as to what just happened. The girl turned around to me. I looked at her face and it was like looking at a beautiful goddess.

“A-are you an angel?” I said without thinking.

                She said nothing, but started to reach for my hand. I took her hand and got up back on my feet. She began hugging me and I hugged her back. I felt my world was revitalized the minute I saw her clear eyes.

“Am I going to survive?” I said with uncertain.

                She let go of my and started poking my forehead.

“Well you are alive now aren’t you? Don’t worry I won’t let nothing happen to you. She said with a beautiful calm voice.

That was the first time I heard her voice and it was like hearing the voice of a beautiful angel. When I heard her voice it like I’ve just accumulated all of my thoughts and regained the ability to have hope once again.

“Come on!!!” She said with a smile.

                I picked up my sword and began walking with her. I began to smile and embrace the gift she bestowed upon me; the gift to keep living. I now know what I need to do.


                I stared at her face while we walked, she hold such beauty. 

“Is there something wrong?” She said with a nice calming voice.

“N-no, it’s nothing.” I said with a nervous voice, looking straight ahead.

                I started to wonder why she saved me, but the more I tried to think about it the more I felt some doubts in me rising so I stopped.

“You should stop having doubts” She said with serious face and calming voice.

“You can tell?” I said with a confused face.

                She said nothing back, which in my mind I can already guess that she can tell how I’m feeling. I started to look around seeing nothing, but destroyed apartments, destroyed automobiles, and windows destroyed with blood dripping from them. I started to look down while walking. She walked in front and picked up my head making me look straight at her eyes.

“Stop it ok?” She said with a serious face and voice.

“I-I’m sorry. Hey what’s your…”

“Otam, but you can add a ‘i’ at the end of my name so Otami” She said cutting me off.

“Oh, well my name is…”

“I already know.” Cutting me off again.

“Oh…..Ok” I said with a confused face.

“I’m sorry for cutting you off like that. That was mighty rude of me” She said with a soft and gentle voice.

“It’s ok” I replied smiling

                The more I walked with her the more I felt calm and at ease. She helped me develop no signs of fear when I’m around her. I wonder who is she? Is she my angel sent by heaven? Well no whatever is the case she’s an angel to me. I started to hear noises when the more closely we got to the bridge we was walking towards.

“Wait here. Don’t move.” She said with a serious face and voice.

                I stopped right before the bridge as she walked ahead. The bridge had cars parked everywhere on it all destroyed making it hard to see the path or whatever is on the bridge. Otami walked ahead. She made a turn to pass through some cars. I lost sight of her and in an instant I began to hear the sounds of slashing and killing. I knew I shouldn’t be worried, but no matter how hard I tried not to be I still worried about her. I closed my eyes hoping to the stars above that she was ok. I opened my eyes and there she was right in front of me.

“Whoa” I said surprised.

“All don’t” she said with certain.

                Her face was covered in blood, but it wasn’t her blood it was from whatever she killed.

“Wait, hold on” I said

                I placed my sword down, took off my shirt and used my white shirt to clean off her face.

“There we go.” I said with a smile.

“Thanks” she replied smiling back at me.

                I put on my shirt not caring about the blood stains in it. I grabbed my sword and walked with Otami again through the bridge. As we walked I noticed tons of monsters ripped in two.

“Wow” I said not knowing the right exact words to describe what she did to them.

                By the looks of what she did to them, she must me incredibly strong. I wonder what would happen if I happened to turn into one of them would she kill me too like them. I guess she would.

“I’m not going to let you turned into one of them” She said with a serious voice.

                That brought relieve to me because it allowed me not to think about what I just asked in my head. I’m happy to be with someone like her, but I don’t want to have her always protecting me, I want to protect her as well.


                It was late at night; we finally made it across the bridge and I began to look up at the beautiful moon. I looked back at Otami and she appeared on the floor struggling to get up. I began to run to her.

“OTAMI!!!” I said all worried.

                When I tried to help her up I look straight into her eyes. I saw her eyes changing to red. She pushes me away from her.
“R..U..N!!!” She said struggling still, but on her knees.

                I stepped back a little and saw her still in pain. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to lose her. I closed my eyes and prayed that she would be ok. When I opened my eyes again; I saw her breathing heavily, but it appeared that her pain was gone. She was still on her knees and began to get back up on her feet. She looked straight at me and started walking slowly to me.

“U-um Otami? A-are y-you ok?” I asked worried still.

                She said nothing and continued walking slowly to me. I couldn’t see her eyes because of her head tilting forward and her hair was covering her eyes as well. I kept stepping back as I began to drop in fear the more closer she got.

Otami? Please say something.” I said still worried, and in fear.

                She drew her blade out while still walking towards me. I hesitated in drawing my sword because I didn’t want to hurt her. I kept stepping back as she kept getting closer. I turned around ready to run.

“You’re not going to leave me, are you?” She said coming closer and closer.
“I-I don’t want too, b-but you’re acting strangely.” I said with my back side facing her.

                She began to run towards me and I began running from her. I didn’t want to run from her, but what choice did I have. I started to remember when she said ‘RUN!!!’ why’d she say that and then not want me to leave her right after? As I looked back to see her chasing me I saw a monster appear right behind her ready to kill her.

“OTAMI!!!” I shouted in a panic.

                I turned back running towards her as fast as I could, while she was running towards me. She began to swing her sword to me. As I dodge her attack I pushed her out the way taking the blow from the monster. I was launched to a wall heavily wounded, bleeding from my forehead. I looked back at Otami as she was in rage. She ran up to the monster, dropped her blade and then in an instant she split the monster in two. She dropped both halves of the body and ran to me, while in tears.

“Why!?” She said crying.

“I didn’t want to lose someone like you” I said struggling to speak.
                She sat down next to me and laid my head on top of her legs.

“Please, don’t scare me like that again” she said still covered in tears.

She took her right hand and began to clean the blood off of my head and began to lick it.

“I’m sorry this is all my fault. You have the right to know what I am. I’m part vampire with an uncontrollable urge for blood. I couldn’t control myself, I wanted to kill you and drink your blood, but the minute I saw you hurt; I began to snap out of it and have full control of my vampire self. This is why I told you to run. I’m so sorry.” She said, while still covered in tears

“It’s ok. I understand. I forgive you.” I said, while still in pain.
“Please just rest” She said wiping away the tears.

“I’m just glad you are….o…k” I said before I closed my eyes and passed out.

                I fell asleep with ease knowing that Otami is safe and with me still.


I opened my eyes and the first thing I see was Otami’s beautiful smile.

“Good morning sleepy head.” She said with a gentle voice.

                I smiled happy to have the first thing I see was her smile. I gazed upon her crystal clear eyes and notice they are back to being as blue as the deep blue sea.

“Good morning” I said smiling back.

                I was still lying on her comfy legs, but I didn’t really want this moment to change. She was safe and I was safe. That’s all that mattered to me that we were together. I looked I the clear blue sky and sun shining down on us. I looked back at Otami and noticed her blushing and looking to her right.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” I said as I try to get up.

                She looked at me and pulled me down to her legs.

“No,no. it’s ok. You shouldn’t get up. You are still wounded from last night.” She said with a worried face.

                I couldn’t argue with her since she is right. So I stayed laid down with my head on her legs.

“So can I ask you something?” I said with a curious face.

“Can I ask how do you know me?” I asked, while gazed upon her eyes.

                She looked up and then back to me. Before she spoke she took a deep breath.

“Alright, I met you when we were little in a daycare. Do you remember Slappy’s daycare?” She said looking at my eyes.

“Oh yeah that place. I remember a girl kept picking on me because I kept being nice and always smiled.“ I said with a serious look.

 “Yeah that girl was me.”  She said looking away from me.

She kept looking away with an upset look on her face.

“Don’t worry about it. What happened happened. There’s nothing you could do to change the past, but there’s one more thing I wanted to ask. What happened to you? You disappeared and people kept telling me before I was too little to understand.” I said with a serious look on my face.

“what happened was that I was taken in a lab for military purposes. The reasons for my incredible strength, but still able to keep my feminine body as a womanly like figure is because of what they did to me. I’ve not only been given incredible strength, but also the ability to think fast and keen instinct. My mother sold me to the military for money. I was alone and in pain. All I could remember was you.” She said as she starts to cry a little.

                I felt bad in fact I felt horrible like I wish we could of switched places. I saw her crying even more than before. I picked myself up sat next to her and hugged her.

“Hey now. No more crying.” I said trying to comfort her.

I let go of her as she planted her head on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry. It came out, out of nowhere.” She said wiping the tears.

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s understandable. Listen maybe we should stop talking about it for now. I said with a worried face.

“No, no. You have the right to know.” She said wiping the few tears she had left.

                She began holding on to my arm, while still having her head on my shoulder.

“So after I went through some tests, I was sent on a mission. The mission was to either capture or kill a man who was producing creatures through corpse. There were a lot of people missing throughout the country; everyone assumed the man I was sent to kill was the one who hired people to kidnap the missing people and use them for experiments.” She said with a serious voice.

“An evil scientist eh? So what happened?” I asked curious to know.
“His name was Dr. Roy. During the mission I was given a team to lead. I didn’t have a problem leading the team. Everything was going until me and the team entered a cabin in a forest. Dr. Roy was said to be last seen in a cabin in the forest we were in. My whole team investigated inside, while I did some scouting around the forest. When I came back from scouting I reached for the door and in an instant the cabin blew up with my team in it.” She said while taking a deep breath. 

“So you were the only one left right?” I asked.

“Yes. The cabin blew in front of me so I was launched pretty far from it due to the explosion and was on the ground dying. I passed out only to dream of my team. Eric, Jane, Lisa, John, and Lu. They were my only family I had left and they knew what I went through I was happy around them. When I opened my eyes I saw a man with blue hair and red long coat. He went down to my neck and I felt a sharp pain. He went back on his feet and I saw part of my blood in his mouth. I knew right then and there he saved my life. He was a vampire himself and by turning me into a vampire I was able to keep myself alive.” She said still holding my arm.

“So what happened to the guy?” I asked.

“He took me with him to his home and well after some days passed he fell in love with me.” She replied with another upset look on her face.

                I was shock to hear that in fact I didn’t know what to say or feel. I felt like an arrow had just struck me in the heart and my world was rotating upside down.

“He loved me, but I already found someone to be with long ago.” She said

“Who?” I asked trying to pull myself together.

                She let go of my arm and came close to my face.

“You silly.” She said closing her eyes and kissing me on the lips.

                When she kissed me and told me who she found to be with; I felt so happy inside. My heart danced all over the place. Our lips separated I began to smile, while blushing. She began blushing and smiling as well. 

“I…” I said while still blushing.

“Love…” She said while also blushing

“You!” We both said at the same time.

                I was glad my world has turned right side up again.


It was late at night. I was running from Otami since she turned to a vampire and lost control again. I didn’t really panic nor did I care if she was chasing me since I kept thinking about what we said earlier. It brought a smile as I kept getting chased. I look ahead as I saw a monster standing there doing nothing.

“He hasn’t noticed us, but what should I do?” I said

                I stopped running and looked back seeing Otami running towards me with her sword drawn. I closed my eyes and raised both my hands up.

“I really hope this work.” I said in fear.

                All I kept hearing was the sound of her running towards me. After I heard her stop; I opened my eyes again and saw Otami right in front of me with her sward drawn out still.

“Um…um…um……” I said not knowing what to say.

                She looks at me not moving an inch.

“S-so are y-you b-back too normal?” I said in fear.

                She didn’t say anything and took a slow step towards me. I closed my eyes thinking “is this the end?” Otami began hugging me. I opened my eyes and hugged her back.

“I’m glad you’re back to normal or back in control of yourself.” I said with relief.

“Well I’m still a vampire, but yeah I have control over it again.” She said with a soft voice.

“I’m just glad.” I said with a smile.

                 She let go of me and kissed me in the forehead.

“I’m always going to be with you no matter what happens, but please don’t let me kill you. That’s the last thing I want to see; is me killing you because of my out of control self.” She said with a serious look.

                “Oh ok.” I said

“I love you.” She said with a soft gentle voice.

                I turned red and was very shy to speak.

“I-I love y-yooouuu t-t-too.” I said hesitating to speak.

                I started to hear noise in back of me and just remembered the monster that was standing there doing nothing.

“Wait here this will take a sec.” She said with a serious look on her face.

                She ran passed me as I turn around to see her and the monster running towards each other. In an instant I saw her grab the monster from the throat and stick the blade through his stomach and then out. She cut the head of the monster and raised his head above hers. I saw the blood drip down to her face as she licks it. I ran to her and stopped behind her with fear.

“Is she out of control again?” I said quietly

“O-Otami?” I said with fear.

                She looked back to me with her red eyes and began laughing psychotically. She stopped and began stepping back.

“I can’t do this. I don’t want to kill you by accident.” She said as she starts to cry.

“No please don’t leave.” I said worried.

                I ran to her and began to hug her.

“No don’t worry, as long as we love each other that is what snaps you back in control.” I said with a calm voice.

                She began to hug me back.

“Y-yeah. You are right. Thank you for not letting me go.” She said with a calm voice.

                I wiped her tears away and hugged her some more.

“Don’t ever worry I love you and I don’t want you to ever forget that.” I said with a smile.

“I love you too” she said with a calm voice. 

                I’m glad she’s still with me. She took my hand and began to walk with me on her side.  

“There’s some things I haven’t told you yet.” She said with a soft voice.

“What is it?” I said with a curious face.

“Well after I was saved by the man who loves me few days after he said he loved me, I ran away.” She said with a calm voice.

“Why did you run away?” I said still curious.

“He kept trying to make me fall in love with him, but I just had you in my mind and only you. I ran back to where I lived and well I saw my mother there all drunk and smoking. She and I argued and I realized that day she never cared about me so I ran away from her. When I ran to the park I saw you walking, while talking to someone who’s crying. It’s just like you to be nice and helping others with a smile. I wanted to say something to you, but I didn’t have the courage to see you again. I didn’t even know whether you wanted to see me or talk to me again.” She said while frowning.

“Of course I did!!! I wanted to know what happened to you. I visited your mom one day and she told me you died and started laughing. That day when your mother said that I blew a fuse and released all my anger on to her. I stopped when I saw fear in her eyes. I didn’t really mean to do that it’s just seeing her say that and then laughing; I just couldn’t believe her.” I said with a serious face.

“It’s ok, I’m kind of glad you did that. I was so angry myself when she handed me over to the military and not even showing any sign of care or love to me. After I saw you again I felt happiness inside of me and decided to find ways to talk to you again without making it so dramatic and weird.” She said

“I see. I wish I was there when they were taking you away. Maybe I could have done something.” I said

“No it’s ok. Really there’s nothing that could have been done since we were little. The most you could do is smile to them and cry, but they wouldn’t care. I’m actually glad that these new abilities though because I now can protect you.” She said with a smile.

                We still kept walking, while holding hands.

“When the monster out break happened I tried my hardest to find you. If you died, I don’t think I could have kept living. You are the last reason why I am alive.”
                When she said that; I began to hug her so tightly not wanting to let go. She hugged back and started to whisper in my ear.

“You are the only one for me. You are the only one I can say I love you to” She said whispering in my ear.

                I began turning so red and couldn’t stop smiling. I was very shy to speak. I began to look at her eyes.

“Aww…did I make you red again?” She said while giggling.

“I’m just so happy you’re with me. I know you probably heard that already, but I just am.” I said with excitement.

“Don’t worry. I’m always happy to hear that from you.” She said with a smile.

                I’m so glad to be with her. We continued walking holding each others hand. I’m hoping we will escape this nightmare together.


We continued walking. When we walked a bit further until a man landed in front of us; landing with his two feet. Otami began holding my hand very tightly. I knew by how she kept holding my hand that she knows this man and she seems not happy about it. He reaches for Otami.

“Come back to me. You belong to me.” He said smiling to Otami.

“Forget it. I told you before I already have someone in mind, so you can go back and be a prince to someone else who cares.” She said with an angry face.

“Oh don’t be like that what will your friends think if they saw you all angry and upset.” He said with a smile.

“My friends are all dead.” She said still angry.

“Is that what you think? They’re all back at my mansion. I had them all stay at a friend’s place during your stay before. If you want to see them again then you will come with me” He said smiling still.

“I’ll come however I’m still not going to be with you” She said with a serious look.

“I suppose that man standing right next to you is the man you speak of that you’re in love with.” He said with a serious look towards me.

“Yes he is. Why? Do you have a problem with that?” She said with a serious look to him.

“Well then I see I can’t convince you to stay with me, however I wonder what will happen to your friends once I go back without you.” He says with a calm voice looking at me.

“I still don’t believe you though.” She said with a serious look.

                He pulls out a mirror and in an instant it showed five people tied down on the floor. I looked at Otami as she looked like she was about to cry. I look back at the man.

“If she goes with you; then what?” I said looking straight at him.

“Then she and I will be united once again and will be forever and ever.” He said with a smile.

“No way!!!” Otami shouted.

“But what about your friends.” I said looking at her.

“I-I don’t want to leave you though. I’ve come all this way and waited years for you, only to have it ruined by some twisted freak that I don’t love at all” She said while crying.

                I look straight at her eyes and saw the eyes of fear. She was confused and didn’t know what to do. She began holding my hands tightly not wanting to let go. I was afraid to lose her, but I’m sure she didn’t want to lose her friends who were like a family to her. I look at the man.

“Look there’s got to be another way we can settle this please.” I said

“Nope there isn’t. It’s either she comes with me or the friends she cares deeply about dies” he said.

“Alright, I’ll go, but only if he comes with me too and also if you release my friends.” She said still in tears.

“Sorry no can do on the first request, but I’ll gladly let your friends go if you come with me.” He said.

“Just go don’t worry about me.” I said

“No I don’t want to leave you though. I love you.” She said crying.

                I hugged her and tried to comfort her, but it was hopeless since there was nothing I can do to stop him.

“Listen just go. Do it for your friends. Remember you said they were like your family, you lost them once don’t lose them again. I know you love me, bur your friends or family is way more important than me.” I said.

“A-alright” she said bursting with tears.

                She hugged me once more and kissed me on the lips. She walked towards the man as he began to pick her up and jump high above the roof of a building. He looked at me once more then walked away not able to see them again.
“Well I better go fine her. I’m not going to let that freaking jerk ruin my love for her.” I said

                I was angry inside. I was very angry. I felt the anger rising every moment the more I walked. The more I walked the more I felt like I was splitting in two as I kept getting angrier. All I envisioned was his face smiling, which increased my anger more. I began to run. I started to remember the things he said.

“He mentioned something about a mansion eh? Then that’s where I’ll find Otami.” I said with an angry look on my face.

                I kept saying the same thing over and over in my head ‘I will find Otami’ I will not rest until I find her. I will make that guy learn.

“Don’t worry Otami I’m coming for you!!!” I shouted while running.

To be continued…...


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