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Gemmy & Aqua Gilbert
  • Female
  • Salem, OR
  • United States

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Well look what the Tide brought in! Hey New Comer! Welcome To the Gemmy & Aqua Page!

Gemmy & Aqua's Fin-tastic Songs and Profiles!

Our good friend Peloria made this picture for us! Check her page out and tell her we sent you! Thanks Peloria! This is soooo us!

It's Gemmy! Hey Everyone! These are my outfits in order!

Basic "Wave" 1 hehehe

Scream Spirit Uniform

Gloom Beach

Dawn Of The Dance

Dead Tired

Hey Guy's and Ghouls AQUA HERE! These are my outfits in order!

Basic "Wave" 1 haha

Scream Spirit Uniform

Gloom Beach

Dawn Of The Dance

Dead Tired

GEMMY AND AQUA AS NORMIES: (You would have to read the monster high books to know what "Normie's" are.. Basically what we look like as humans!)

Thank you Travis Crawford for this FIN-TASTIC PICTURE!!!!

Clawessa Wolf's Interpretation of Gemmy and Aqua :) :) Thanks!



daughter of a sea monster, age 14 in monster years

Killer Style:

Almost waste length, wavy blonde hair with pink hair streaks, usually a sun-set colored tank, scary cool red beach shorts, and red wedges. Oh and a swim suit underneath, but I absolutely don't go anywhere without coconut lip gloss!

Freaky Flaw:

My misty blue skin tends to get dry easy so when I'm on land I use a lot of moisturizer. The Witch Doctor gave me a note saying I could even apply it during class!

Favorite Color: Hard to say! I love so many colors, hmmm... the farthest I can narrow it down to is two American rose (its like a loud pinkish orange) and Scare-ibean Blue!

Favorite Food:

Crab Cakes! They are the best!

Biggest Pet Peeve:

People who hurt the ocean! Oh, and when people who steal ideas or copy me, it just makes me so mad!

Favorite Activity:

I love swim team, but surfing is my passion :)

Favorite School Subject:

I like Oceanography of course, I know everything about it already, Easy A!

Least Favorite School Subject:

Clawculuse, numbers are my desert!



daughter of the sea monster, age 14 in monster years

Killer Style:

long curly blond hair, tan shorts, pink tank top, a purple bandanna on my head, purple wedges and I always wear a swim suit under my cloths!

Freaky Flaw:

Same as my Twin Sister, Gemmy. Our skin gets to dry when were on land for long, so we moisturize a lot!

Favorite Color:

Easy, Indigo! The color of deep water!

Favorite Food:

Shrimp :-D

Biggest Pet Peeve:

When people through there disgusting trash into the ocean! How would you like a stranger to walk into your house through a soda can on your floor and left?! My guess, not so much!

Favorite Activity:


Favorite Subject:

Swim Team practice! Gemmy and my friend, "Grady White" daughter of Jaws does swim team with us and we love to race. Cousin Lagoona usually has to find a way to stop us.

Least Favorite Subject:

Ge-orger-phy no water, lots of rocks, dry stuff, bleck! that type of stuff makes my scales crawl!

GRADY WHITE (best friend of Gemmy and Aqua, and new to Monster High)

daughter of "Jaws", age 14 in monster years

Killer Style:

Shoulder lengh, dark blue spiked hair. Pretty blue skin, dark blue freckles, navvy blue eyes and pretty, pointy, and white teeth! With some sailor swagger!

Freaky Flaw: Well just like most sea monsters my skin gets pretty dry but I only need to soak once or twice a day. The real problem is that I eat 5 times the size of a teen age ghoul. It can be pretty embracing and it is hard to sneak beef jerky in class.

Favorite Color:

It's more a combination. I love dark red and royal blue together! It is a beautiful contrast!

Favorite Food:

I love a lot of food but I have to say Steak Sirloin! I can't get enough of it!

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Slow things. I can't stand chess! I can stand peaceful slow things but tension is just terrifying!

Favorite Activity:

I love swim races, track team, fear leading, or just exploring around the sea around Gloom Beach!

Favorite Subject:

Swim Team! Fast races! it's also the only thing I have ever done that my father approves of.

Least Favorite Subject:

History. Why dwell in the past? The present is whats moving! I don't get why people care anymore. It just makes me want to dive in the ocean and swim as fast as I can for miles! Always move forward! that's what my dad always says!





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At 10:04am on May 18, 2012, ok said…

It will take two weeks and I will be able to after I. Talk to my mom but I'm sure she will be fine and I will help you with how to make the dolls you could send me one doll at a time.

At 9:16pm on May 17, 2012, ok said…

I ment make some costom gemmy and aqua dolls

At 9:13pm on May 17, 2012, ok said…

Make em look cool and if you could I would make to. For me to ill pay you 25 each.

At 7:51pm on May 17, 2012, ok said…

Cool I love your ocs and there dairias you should make gemmy andaqua

At 5:16pm on May 17, 2012, ReaLyn said…

Dearest Gemmy & Aqua...

I think I might quit and sadly, wont put those pictures I had drawn for U wonderful gilfriends. Peloria does not wish that I use any of her artwork without her permission and everyone reminds me. I'm at school for most of the day so, when I get home, I check my messages. I made many pictures for U guys but, I think I will quit. At least, 4 a while. Until i'm no longer a surfaced "art stealer/non-creditor" 2 anyone. Very osrry and I could never figure out how to get ym pictures on my page. 

Anywayz, very sorry, Madison =(

At 3:26pm on May 17, 2012, vixenMiranda(AD) said…

Would you ghouls mind if I Try to draw Gemmy and Aqua pics, my friends think it would be a good idea for me to practice my drawing skills by drawing OCs that I like that arent mine.


~Artistic Dream 


At 8:45pm on May 14, 2012, ReaLyn said…

I admire Ur amazing work and hope U don't take my page the way Peloria did. I did not "steal" nor "use" UR artwork and am glad I could draw Gemmy & Aqua. They inspire me to save the oceans, lakes, and rivers of the world. Also, to draw sea creatures. Ur drawing is way beyond my capability and I look forward to seeing Atlanta Wave and Gemmy & Aqua Gilbert everyday when I get home from school. Thats why they R my page themes. Cuz their beautiful, amazing people that inspire me so much! I lok foward to more of Gemmy & Aqua X3

At 12:32pm on April 1, 2012, aqua said…

guys guys i fond my old acount but its on my kindle fire so i cant get it on here but i change my pic to my other one and i changed my name to too normal

At 10:43am on March 27, 2012, aqua said…

thanks you guys i mist you so much i haven,t been on in like for ever :D

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