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Comment by monster Girl ;} on January 13, 2013 at 7:39pm
Ok so here is the rest of wonder wolf enjoy ;}

Whoa! Molten silver! Can't bash my way out of this. think, clawdeen, think.
Got it! Hope this thing is silver proof!
Better remember to thank lagoona and abbey for the surf and snow board lessons.
Wolfsbane! And not a super powered lawn mower in sight. All right then, let's see what else wonder wolf's shield can>o.
Now that's something to howl about.
Locked. What now? ("translated from ZOMBIE") ok now I'm really confused I hope somebody has the power to do nails. Being a super hero is heard on the cuticles. THE END.

Ok well that is the end of the woder wolf comic hope you enjoyed it, I also have polterghoul comic up for you to look at so please cheek it out;}

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