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Comment by monster Girl ;} on January 13, 2013 at 6:45pm
Ok so here is the wonder wolf comic and what it says;}

Before she became a holwing force for justice...
...clawdeen wolf was just an ordinary... ...AHEM... a fashion forward student at monster high until one day...
Clawdeen says to draculaura did hear that? Hear what? I haven't been able to hear anything since toralei set off screech alarm in the girl's locker room this morning! Uh-huh gotta find out where that's coming from.
Oh ok what?. BEYOND THE DOOR... FOLLOW THE PATH... what have you gotten your self into now ghoul friend?
Yeah- like I'm gonna get off of it in this neck of the wood's.

Ok that's it for this page 1&2 just look at page 3&4 of wonder wolf hope you enjoy;}

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