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The one that started it all...

Irys was my first ever Monster High OC. In the summer of 2010, I was just sitting in my room looking at my MH dolls (at that point only the original 6 had been released), and wondering where Mattel would take the line next in terms of new characters/dolls. I was trying to brainstorm up new monsters they could use, when all of a sudden, it hit me: A FREAKIN' CYCLOPS GIRL! I remembered seeing one featured in the background a few times during the webisodes, and how awesome it would be if they released a cyclops doll... this day, I am still praying Mattel will make this a reality.

But, I wasn't intent on I immediately created my own Monster High cyclops character. I spent a long time perfecting her bio to feature Monster High phrases and puns, and also trying to come up with the perfect name. I eventually came to Irys Klops. It was perfect. I also then went on to design her skullette. It was simple, but I loved it anyways.

After that was all done up, I went on working on her design. I had never drawn any "cartoon" styles other than Winx Club, really, but I knew if I wanted to make this right, I had to master the Monster High style. So I pulled out the doll boxes, opened the internet, and compiled as many pose references as I could to ensure I could match the style as closely as possible...

And after that?
...well, as they say, it's history. That was August 2010. It's now March 2011, and I'm still creating more and more Monster High OCs. ;)

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